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Combination fire department   Edward FudgeDid You Know?   Guru Nanak Interfaith Prize   Hard suction hoseDid You Know?Good article  Hose strapDid You Know?  List of locations in Babylon 5   Preureteric vena cava  Rachel (film)  Marcus J. RanumDid You Know?  Rollover (fire)   Thermal imaging cameraDid You Know?Good article 


Wikipedia:Who is a low profile individual   Wikipedia:What is one event   Wikipedia:Central aspects of BLP   Wikipedia:Crying "BLP!"   Wikipedia:Not in my encyclopedia   Wikipedia:no single merge target   Wikipedia:You are not irreplaceable   Wikipedia:Wired rule


"Saves" are the articles that I advocated keeping in WP:AfD, made non-trivial edits to in support of their retention, and which were, in fact, retained. I'm not claiming sole credit for any of these, just keeping track of time spent on things that didn't deserve to be deleted when they could have been improved. A save, in my mind, is a slight mark against either the nominating editor who nominated a fixable article for deletion, the editors who had previously left it in a deletion-worthy state, or both. AfD is for things that are of questionable encyclopedic value, and many articles which stink at the moment do merit Wikipedia inclusion. These are the ones I intervened at AfD to save--I didn't pick them, and wouldn't have started most of these articles, but saw potential where others did not.

Aarhus University Shooting   Andrew Wilson (theologian)   Apotactics   Ashlyn Sanchez   Aspies For Freedom   Avery Stafford   Babylon 5's use of the Internet   Battle of the Line   (twice)   Boyz in the Sink   Calvin's alter egos (Calvin and Hobbes)   Cherry Boone   Christian science fiction   Donnica Moore   Dark matter in fiction   The Darker Image   Delta Tao Software   Elijah List   Exodus Ministries   How the Earth Was Made   InkBall   Kip McKean   List of Medical Eponyms Discouraged Because of Nazi Associations   List of starships in Stargate   Maisie Williams   Michael Jenkins (Unification Church)   Murder of Robert Eric Wone   Open Doors   Orly Taitz   Preacher's kid   The Prodigal Trilogy   Raider Fighter (Babylon 5)   Recovering Catholic   Reuben Morgan   Shamrock shake   Sharlin Class Warcruiser   Tim Hughes   Unification Church views of sexuality   Yellow Star (book)


Deleted articles that I both undeleted and fixed the associated problem which had prompted the deletion. Shame that they were deleted, but this is one really good reason to give article builders admin tools.

Baxter Building José Molina (writer)


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