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I am an English-Latvian translator and editor, living in Riga, Latvia.

On Wikipedia, I tend to fix whatever needs fixing, i.e. poor formatting, wikifying (I just love piped links), spelling, sometimes adding or changing stub messages or categories, sometimes rewording and rearranging. Most of the time it occurs that while editing one article and looking for information elsewhere I'd start editing other articles that have begged me to be bold and fix them. For example, right now in my Firefox browser among other tabs I see three (3) Wikipedia tabs that say "Editing Foo" and one more that I have saved just some minutes ago before returning to this text box to write this particular paragraph. Sometimes there's more of them and I don't know how to stop.

I have contributed mostly to Latvian Wikipedia, where I am an admin (see Lietotājs:Juzeris). See also my accounts on Meta and English Wiktionary. Recently I have started rolling down the hill the tiny stone of Latvian Wiktionary. Hope it doesn't settle down nor gather any moss![1]

My bookmarks[edit]

Here are some articles I have found in Wikipedia. I used to add them to my watchlist but it has grown just too much to be able to follow and differentiate between the stuff that really needs following and simply great articles that most possibly are already watched by knowledgeable Wikipedians.

Some of these articles simply crave for attention, others are a great read, and for some of them I have no idea why I've listed them. :)

This list is not necessarily alphabetised or otherwise prioritised but it should be. Or maybe it is. Nor this list should be regarded as an accurate reflection of my world view or interests. This is merely a fraction of it. Or maybe it isn't related to me at all.

I really hope this doesn't end up being similar in size to Special:Allpages...

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History Leisure Urban stuff Misc. No bookmark, just stress
Laid back

Other stuff[edit]

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Lucky Diamond Rich (b. 1971) is a New Zealand-born performance artist and street performer who holds the Guinness World Record for most tattooed man, taking the title from Tom Leppard in 2006. He is recognized by Guinness as being covered in tattoos over 100% of his body, including the inside of his eyelids, ears, and mouth.

Photograph: TOONMAN blchin
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