Visteon Dockable Entertainment

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Dockable Entertainment featuring Game Boy Advance
Dockable entertainment 34.jpg
Manufacturer Visteon
Type Video game console
Generation Sixth generation
Retail availability
  • NA July 2006
Media Cartridge, DVD, CD
Graphics Custom 2D core
Controller input

The Visteon Dockable Entertainment System (officially referred to as Dockable Entertainment featuring Game Boy Advance) is a portable DVD player created by Visteon in July 2006 for the US market[1] at an MSRP of $1299 USD.[2] The player is notable for containing officially licensed Game Boy Advance hardware, as Visteon partnered with Nintendo to announce the product at CES 2006.[3]

The device was not sold at general retailers, but rather sold at car dealerships in combination of a roof docking head mount for installation, or already equipped in select models of certain vehicles.[4]

Hardware specifications[edit]

  • 10.2" Flip Down LCD Display
  • 6-Pin Auxiliary Port
  • Infrared Port
  • DVD Drive
  • Game Boy Advance Cartridge Slot

Alongside this, the player came with a wireless game controller, a set of wireless headphones, a remote control, and compatibility with MP3 and WMA CD files.[5]


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