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A friendly place to help new editors become accustomed to Wikipedia culture, ask questions, and develop community relationships.

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Hi Teahouse hosts,

  1. When I co-managed the Signpost, one of my last projects was to run a survey of Signpost editors. We discovered that most of our editors are long-term Wikipedians. I think it would help new contributors to see the wider world of Wikipedia if they subscribe to the Signpost. Is this something you can encourage as a group, and how else do you think new users can be made aware of the larger world of Wikipedia?
  1. I would like to let you know that I am staring work on two videos that may be helpful to new editors. The first video will be a short introduction to VisualEditor. The second will be a 30 to 60 minute video that is aimed at students in the Wikipedia Education Program but may also be of interest to new users who have decided for themselves that they want a relatively thorough introduction to how Wikipedia works. If you have suggestions for content you can post them on my talk page.

Thank you,

--Pine✉ 03:56, 28 March 2015 (UTC)

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