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March 18, 2006
(9 years and 19 days ago)


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Welcome to the WikiProject Japan Royalty and nobility taskforce! The objective of this taskforce is to improve all of the Japanese royalty- and nobility-related articles on Wikipedia, from ancient Japan through the current imperial family. Our goal is to bring as many as possible of these articles up to Featured Article status, and you can help! Even if you can only spend a short time here and there working on the articles, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

The main articles of this taskforce are Kuge and Kazoku, as well as the category Japanese nobility. Everything else branches off from there.


This taskforce aims primarily at having a standard guidelines for Japanese royalty- and nobility-related articles, categories, and templates. Additionally, we plan to improve the articles under the scope of this taskforce to make them useful, sourced, well written, and interesting to those researching these topics.

Related taskforces[edit]


Participant Primary areas of expertise Secondary areas of expertise Will help in other areas?
Chris modern, Edo period Meiji period Yes
Nihonjoe none none Yes
Hirohisat ? ? ?
LordAmeth Royalty and nobility of Kingdom of Ryukyu Nara to Heian period Court Yes
MChew Kazoku, Oke Kamakura through Edo Yes
Aphaia Ancient to early Kamakura Nambokucho to early Edo Yes
TakuyaMurata not particularly not particularly Yes

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