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Երերույքի Տաճար 05.jpg
The ruins of Yererouk Basilica.
Yererouk is located in Armenia
Shown within Armenia
Basic information
Location Anipemza, Shirak Province,
Armenia Armenia
Geographic coordinates 40°26′23″N 43°36′33″E / 40.439722°N 43.609167°E / 40.439722; 43.609167Coordinates: 40°26′23″N 43°36′33″E / 40.439722°N 43.609167°E / 40.439722; 43.609167
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Status Ruins
Architectural description
Architectural type Basilica
Architectural style Armenian
Completed 4th-5th century
Height (max) 100 feet 0 inches (30.48 m)

The Yererouk Basilica (Երերույքի տաճար or Yereruyk or Ererouk) is a 4th or 5th century Armenian church near the town of Anipemza in the Shirak Province of Armenia, 8 km southeast of the ancient city of Ani in Turkey.

Because the basilica of Yererouk is one of the earliest surviving Christian monuments in Armenia, it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on August 25th, 1995 in the Cultural category.[1] The basilica is believed to be from the early 5th century — perhaps late 4th century.[2]



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