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Ādaži ([ˈaː.da.ʒi]) (formerly German: Neuermühlen) is a village in the historical region of Vidzeme, the Riga Planning Region in Latvia, and the centre of Ādaži Municipality. It has a population of about 9,000.

Ādaži has a notable tennis center, with an outdoor clay and indoor hardcourt located next to the public school. The village is situated by the River Gauja, which flows around the entire village. In Ādaži there is a wakeboarding club on the Gauja.

The town is mostly known due to the nearby Latfood factory producing Ādažu Čipsi, the best known potato chip brand of in Latvia.

There is also a training camp of the Latvian Army in Ādaži.[1] In September 2016, Latvia's Defence Minister Raimonds Bergmanis said infrastructure at the base was "being constructed and modernized at a fast pace"[2] in preparation for a Canadian-led 450 strong multi-national NATO battalion (part of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence) expected to deploy to Latvia in the spring of 2017.[3]


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