Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore

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Railway transport of Montenegro
Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore
Жељезнички превоз Црне Горе
Industry Rail Transport
Founded 2008
Headquarters Podgorica, Montenegro
Services Rail Transport, Services
Website http://www.zcg-prevoz.me/
Former JŽ class 461 passing through Virpazar on the Belgrade-Bar line.
New CAF Civity next to passenger train hauled by older former JŽ class 461.

Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore (ŽPCG) (Cyrillic: Жељезнички превоз Црне Горе; English: Railway transport of Montenegro) is a joint-stock company that handles passenger transport within Montenegro, as well as operation of the Montenegrin rolling stock.

Rolling stock[edit]

Rolling stock of Railway transport of Montenegro consists of 39 locomotives and 5 EMUs:


 Class   Image   Type   Top speed   Number   Built   Builder   Notes
 mph   km/h 
JŽ 461 ZCG461-031 Bijelo Polje.jpg Electric 75 120 10 1971-1980 Electroputere Built for originally.
JŽ 661 Emd g16 yu.jpg Diesel 7 EMD Built for originally. 2 active, 2 are awaiting the general overhaul.
Diesel locomotives

Multiple units[edit]

 Class   Image   Type   Top speed   Number   Built   Builder   Notes
 mph   km/h 
JŽ 412/416 ZCG 412-050 Podgorica.jpg EMU 75 120 6 1980-1990 RVR 4 carriages. Built for originally.
Civity 6111 01.10.13 Bar 6111.001 (10101137154).jpg EMU 75 120 3 2013 CAF 3 carriages. Built for Podgorica-Nikšić-railway to cut travel times to 50 minutes. Train length 59,2 meters. Capacity 354 passengers.[1][2]

Passenger cars[edit]

Railway transport of Montenegro also has following inventory of passenger cars:

  • 31 passenger coaches (classes A, AB and B)
  • 1 buffet car (class WR)
  • 32 sleeping and couchette cars (classes AcBc, Ac, Bc and WLAB)
  • 10 car-carrier wagons (class DDam)

Freight cars[edit]

Freight cars in inventory are as follows:

  • 226 wagons (class G)
  • 15 wagons (class K)
  • 62 wagons (class R)
  • 7 wagons (class S)
  • 415 wagons (class E)
  • 29 wagons (class F)
  • 34 wagons (class Z)
  • 33 wagons (class U)
  • 3 wagons (class H)

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