Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore

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Railway transport of Montenegro
Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore
Жељезнички превоз Црне Горе
Industry Rail Transport
Founded 2008
Headquarters Podgorica, Montenegro
Services Rail Transport, Services
Website http://www.zcg-prevoz.me/
Former JŽ class 461 passing through Virpazar on the Belgrade-Bar line.
412/416 EMU of ŽPCG in new livery in Podgorica station.

Željeznički prevoz Crne Gore (ŽPCG) (Cyrillic: Жељезнички превоз Црне Горе; English: Railway transport of Montenegro) is a joint-stock company that handles passenger transport within Montenegro, as well as operation of the Montenegrin rolling stock.

Rolling stock[edit]

New CAF Civity EMUs[edit]

CAF Civity class 6111 EMU at Bar station.
New CAF Civity next to passenger train hauled by older former JŽ class 461.

Three CAF Civity EMUs have been ordered by Railways of Montenegro specifically to serve the Podgorica-Nikšić railway, cutting travel time to only 50 minutes. The first of the new trains started with service on July 13, 2013.[1][2]

Motive power[edit]

Rolling stock of Railway transport of Montenegro consists of 39 locomotives and 5 EMUs:

Diesel locomotives
Electric locomotives
Electric multiple units
  • 5 electric multiple unit sets of class 412/416 (all

overhauled, modified and modernized)

  • 3 electric multiple unit sets CAF Civity

Passenger cars[edit]

Railway transport of Montenegro also has following inventory of passenger cars:

  • 31 passenger coaches (classes A, AB and B)
  • 1 buffet car (class WR)
  • 32 sleeping and couchette cars (classes AcBc, Ac, Bc and WLAB)
  • 10 car-carrier wagons (class DDam)

Freight cars[edit]

Freight cars in inventory are as follows:

  • 226 wagons (class G)
  • 15 wagons (class K)
  • 62 wagons (class R)
  • 7 wagons (class S)
  • 415 wagons (class E)
  • 29 wagons (class F)
  • 34 wagons (class Z)
  • 33 wagons (class U)
  • 3 wagons (class H)

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