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The Hello! Project shuffle units (シャッフルユニット, shaffuru yunitto) were an annual event in the Japanese idol collective Hello! Project that started in 2000. The idea was to shuffle up the existing Hello! Project groups and soloists (e.g. Morning Musume, Country Musume, Aya Matsuura, Melon Kinenbi, and others) into one of three groups for a season-long collaboration to see which shuffle group can sell the most singles.

Overview and history[edit]

Each year's shuffle had a common theme: 2000's shuffle group theme, for example, was color and the groups were Akagumi (red) 4, Kiiro (yellow) 5, and Aoiro (blue) 7. Despite the commonality in theme and same B-side song, each group tends to sing a different style A-side song (details below).

Eventually, this became more of a tradition than a competition to outsell. In 2003 the three groups' songs were merged and sold as one single/mini-album. In the fall of 2004, only one unit was formed: The Hello! Project All-Stars, a collaboration of all 46 contemporary Hello! Project members to perform "All for One and One for All!".

The three shuffle units continued in 2005 with Sexy Otonajan (セクシーオトナジャン, Sekushii Otonajan), Puri Puri Pink (プリプリピンク, Puripuri Pinku), and Elegies (エレジーズ, Erejiizu). Unlike previous years, the majority of Hello! Project did not participate in 2005's shuffles (each of the three groups had 3 or 4 singers.) The 2005 shuffle units were also the first ones that ex-Morning Musume members participated in.


2000: The Color Groups[edit]

  • Kiiro 5
  • Aoiro 7
  • Akagumi 4
  • Winner: Akagumi 4
  • B-side song: "Hello! no Theme" - a pop song that was used as the opening title theme of the TV show "Hello! Morning"(now it is considered the "theme song" of the Hello! Project)
  • Notes: Due to disbanding of T&C Bomber and graduation of some members shortly following the shuffle releases, 4th generation Morning Musume members Rika Ishikawa, Hitomi Yoshizawa, Ai Kago, and Nozomi Tsuji (as well as soloist Yuki Maeda) filled in as alternates during concerts and performances.

Akagumi 4 (あか組4)[edit]

  • Members: Yuko Nakazawa and Maki Goto (Morning Musume); Danielle Delaunay (Coconuts Musume); Miho Shinoda (T&C Bomber)
  • Lead Singers: Maki Goto
  • Song & Style: "Akai Nikkichou" (Red Diary) - a pop ballad
  • Notes: Danielle did an English monologue introduction for the song. Yuko Nakazawa later recorded a solo version of the song, featuring a Japanese-language version of Delaunay's monologue; this version appears on the compilation album Together!. Maki Goto also recorded her own solo version for her first solo album Makking Gold 1. After many years, the song is covered again, this time by Ai Takahashi, which is available on iTunes (May 2011) as part of the Hello! Cover series.

Kiiro 5 (黄色5)[edit]

  • Members: Natsumi Abe and Kei Yasuda (Morning Musume); Ayaka Kimura (Coconuts Musume); Ruru Honda (T&C Bomber); soloist Michiyo Heike
  • Lead Singers: Abe Natsumi, Kei Yasuda
  • Song & Style: "Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM" (Boom Boom Boom in the Yellow Sky) - an upbeat pop song
  • Notes: Natsumi Abe recorded a solo version of the song for her solo debut album Hitoribocchi.

Aoiro 7 (青色7)[edit]

  • Members: Kaori Iida, Mari Yaguchi, and Sayaka Ichii (Morning Musume); Mika Todd and Lehua Sandbo (Coconuts Musume); Miwa Kominato and Atsuko Inaba (T&C Bomber)
  • Lead Singer: Kaori Iida, Mari Yaguchi, Sayaka Ichii (center)
  • Song & Style: "Aoi Sports Car no Otoko" (The Man in the Blue Sports Car) - a girl punk-rock song
  • Notes: Atsuko Inaba stayed in Hello! Project after T&C Bomber disbanded, and thus didn't need a replacement member in this group (she later went on to sing various H!P compilations and emcee concerts).

2001: Party Groups[edit]

  • 3-nin Matsuri
  • 7-nin Matsuri
  • 10-nin Matsuri
  • Winner: 3-nin Matsuri (3-person festival)
  • B-side song: "Hello! Mata Aou Ne" - a campfire song

3-nin Matsuri[edit]

7-nin Matsuri[edit]

10-nin Matsuri[edit]

2002: Happiness Groups[edit]

  • Happy 7
  • Sexy 8
  • Odoru 11
  • Winner: Sexy 8
  • B-side song: "Yoku Aru Oyako no Serenade" (Parent and Child's Serenade) - a ballad

Happy 7[edit]

Sexy 8[edit]

Odoru 11[edit]

2003: Elemental Groups[edit]

  • Salt5
  • 7Air
  • 11Water
  • Winner: None. All 3 songs released on the same maxi-single/mini-album, so the sales for all 3 groups are the same.
  • B-side: "Oh! Be My Friend" - a chorusy pop song that all 3 groups sung together


  • Members: Natsumi Abe, Ai Kago, and Makoto Ogawa (Morning Musume); soloists Aya Matsuura and Yuki Maeda
  • Lead Singers: Natsumi Abe, Aya Matsuura, and Ai Kago
  • Song & Style: "Get Up! Rapper" - a serious-toned rap with somewhat silly lyrics.
  • Notes: Aya Matsuura later cut a solo version of "Get Up! Rapper" for her third studio album X3.


  • Members: Rika Ishikawa, Ai Takahashi, Risa Niigaki (Morning Musume); Mika Todd (Coconuts Musume); Masae Ootani (Melon Kinenbi); Mai Satoda (Country Musume); soloist Atsuko Inaba
  • Lead Singers: Rika Ishikawa, Ai Takahashi, Masae Ootani, Mai Satoda
  • Song & Style: "Kowarenai Ai ga Hoshii no" (I Want An Unbreakable Love) - an R&B style song with Rika, Ai, Mai, and Masae doing the singing while Atsuko, Risa, and Mika do the raps.
  • Notes: As part of MiniMoni, Takahashi and Todd remade the song for the second MiniMoni album Minimoni Songs 2; all four members did the singing while Todd and Nozomi Tsuji did the raps; Inaba is also on this version as a backing vocalist.


2004: One School Group[edit]

  • H.P. All Stars
  • Winner: None. One single by all 46 members
  • B-side: There were two other songs in the single. One by Atsuko Inaba, Masae Ohtani, Ayumi Shibata and Aya Matsuura ("Sankaku Kankei"—Love Triangle), and the other by Reina Tanaka, Megumi Murakami and Airi Suzuki ("Suki ni Nacchaikenai Hito"--"The Person I Shouldn't Fall In Love With).

H.P. All Stars[edit]

2005: Elegance Groups[edit]

  • Elegies
  • Sexy Otonajan
  • Puripuri Pink
  • Winner: None. All 3 songs released on the same maxi-single/mini-album, so the sales for all 3 groups are the same.
  • B-side: None.


Sexy Otonajan[edit]

  • Members: Miki Fujimoto (Morning Musume); Miyabi Natsuyaki (Berryz Kobo); Megumi Murakami (Cute).
  • Lead Singers: Miki Fujimoto
  • Song: "Onna, Kanashii, Otona" (Woman, Sadness, Adult) - a jazz inspired mid-tempo pop song. The song later appeared in the movie The Wolverine, where Logan and Yukio face Minister of Justice Noburo Mori in his bath with two girls.

Puripuri Pink[edit]

  • Members: Former Morning Musume members Yuko Nakazawa, Kaori Iida, Kei Yasuda, and former T&C Bomber member Atsuko Inaba.
  • Lead Singers: None, the song was sung in unison by all members.
  • Song: "Hitoshirezu Mune wo Kanaderu Yoru no Aki" (The Autumn of Night that Plays the Hidden Heart) - a pop ballad..

Chanpuru Groups[edit]





Shin Minimoni[edit]





The group was created in 2011 and released one CD single.

Hello! Project Mobekimasu[edit]

The group was created in 2011 and released one CD single.

2012: Satoyama movement[edit]


Peaberry (ピーベリー)


DIY (DIY♡, short for "Dance in Your Heart")

Green Fields[edit]

Green Fields (GREEN FIELDS)


Harvest (ハーベスト)


Jurin (ジュリン)

2013: Satoumi movement[edit]

Dia Lady[edit]

Dia Lady (ダイヤレディー)


Mellowquad (メロウクアッド)



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