1831 English cricket season

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1831 English cricket season
Cricket formats first-class and single wicket

The 1831 English cricket season saw Ned Wenman come to prominence. He was basically an all-rounder but he became best known as the wicket keeper in the great Kent team of the 1840s.

First-class matches[edit]

Following is the list of First-class matches played in 1831 English cricket season.[1]
1. Cambridge Town XI v Cambridge University

Cambridge Town XI won by an innings and 28 runs.

2. England v The Bs

England won by an innings and 28 Runs.

3. England v Surrey XI

England won by 6 wickets.

4. Cambridge Town XI v Cambridge University

Cambridge Town XI won by default.

5. Married v Single

Single won by 22 Runs.

6. A to K v L to Z

L to Z won by 12 Runs.

7. Gentlemen v Players

Players won by 5 wickets.

8. Marylebone Cricket Club v England

England won by an innings and 47 runs.

9. Sheffield v Nottingham

Nottingham won by 125 runs.

Leading batsmen[edit]

Ned Wenman was the leading runscorer with 144 at an average of 16.00

Highest runscorers[edit]

  1. Ned Wenman - 144[1]
  2. William Ward - 108
  3. Thomas Beagley - 90
  4. Henry Kingscote - 87
  5. Jem Broadbridge - 85

Leading bowlers[edit]

William Lillywhite was the leading wicket-taker with 40 wickets.

Leading wicket takers
Player Wickets
William Lillywhite 40
Jem Broadbridge 30
Ned Wenman 19
Fuller Pilch 18
George Sussum 17


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Annual reviews[edit]

  • Arthur Haygarth, Scores & Biographies, Volume 2 (1827–1840), Lillywhite, 1862

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