1922 Copa del Rey Final

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1922 Copa del Rey Final
Event1922 Copa del Rey
DateMay 14, 1922
VenueCoia, Vigo
RefereeThomas Balvay

The 1922 Copa del Rey Final was the 22nd final of the Spanish cup competition, the Copa del Rey. The final was played at Coia, in Vigo, on May 14, 1922. FC Barcelona beat Real Union 5–1 and won their fifth title.

Match details[edit]

FC Barcelona5–1Real Union
Torralba Goal 22'
Samitier Goal 1st half'
Alcántara Goal 1st half'90'
Gràcia Goal 85'
Goal 30' Patricio
Attendance: 12,000
Referee: Thomas Balvay
Real Union
GK 1 Spain Ricardo Zamora
DF 2 Spain José Planas Artés
DF 3 Spain Salvador Martínez
MF 4 Spain Ramón Torralba
MF 5 Spain Agustín Sancho
MF 6 Spain Josep Samitier
FW 7 Spain Vicente Piera
FW 8 Spain Vicente Martínez
FW 9 Spain Clemente Gràcia
FW 10 Spain Paulino Alcántara
FW 11 Spain Emilio Sagi Liñán
England Jack Greenwell
GK 1 Spain Domingo Muguruza
DF 2 Spain Ignacio Berges
DF 3 Spain Román Emery
MF 4 Spain Francisco Gamborena
MF 5 France René Petit
MF 6 Spain Ramón Eguiazábal
FW 7 Spain José Echeveste
FW 8 Spain José Luis Zabala
FW 9 Spain Patricio Arabolaza
FW 10 Spain Ramón Azurza
FW 11 Spain Elías Acosta
Copa del Rey
1922 winners
FC Barcelona
Fifth title