1930 Dhubri earthquake

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1930 Dhubri earthquake
1930 Dhubri earthquake is located in India
1930 Dhubri earthquake
UTC time 1930-07-02 21:03:43
ISC event 907472
Local date July 3, 1930
Local time 03:23
Magnitude 7.1 Mw  (ISC-GEM)
Depth 15 km (9.3 mi)
Epicenter 25°56′N 90°11′E / 25.93°N 90.18°E / 25.93; 90.18Coordinates: 25°56′N 90°11′E / 25.93°N 90.18°E / 25.93; 90.18
Max. intensity IX (Devastating tremor)

The 1930 Dhubri earthquake occurred on July 3 at 03:23 local time near Dhubri, India (then British India). It had a magnitude of Mw 7.1. Most of the buildings were damaged in Dhubri and the surrounding areas. This earthquake did not cause any fatalities.[1] The maximal intensity was IX (Devastating tremor) on the Rossi–Forel scale near Dhubri.

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