1931 Fuyun earthquake

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1931 Fuyun earthquake
1931 Fuyun earthquake is located in China
1931 Fuyun earthquake
UTC time1931-08-10 21:18:45
ISC event906933
Local dateAugust 11, 1930 (1930-08-11)
Local time05:18:45
MagnitudeMw 8.0
Depth20 km[1]
Epicenter46°48′N 89°54′E / 46.8°N 89.9°E / 46.8; 89.9

The 1931 Fuyun earthquake (富蕴地震) occurred on August 10 at 21:18 UTC.[3] The epicenter was near Fuyun County of northern Xinjiang, China. It was a Mw 8.0 earthquake[4] and had a surface rupture of 171 km[1] with a maximal horizontal displacement of 14 m[5] along the Koktokay-Ertai fault zone (可可托海-二台断裂带).[6] The Koktokay-Ertai fault has a slip rate of 4±2 mm per year.[7] The rupture of this earthquake was caused by right-lateral strike-slip movement with normal component.[8] The rupture is well preserved and becomes one of the main features of the Koktokay National Geopark (可可托海国家地质公园) located in Koktokay.[9]

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