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This article describes the qualifying procedure for the 1960 European Nations' Cup, the inaugural edition of the European Nations' Cup tournament, now known as the UEFA European Championship.


The qualification was a knockout tournament where the teams would play a two-legged tie on a home-and-away basis. If the aggregate scores were level at the end of the tie, a third leg was played at a neutral venue to decide the winners. It consisted of a preliminary round, a round of 16, and a quarter-final round. The four quarter-final winners would qualify for the tournament proper; one of those four countries would then be chosen to host it.

17 teams entered the competition; notable absences included West Germany, Italy, England and the Netherlands. Two of the entrants, Czechoslovakia and the Republic of Ireland, were selected to play the preliminary round. The winner of that fixture would join the rest 15 teams in the first round (round of 16).

In fact, a few matches of the first round took place before the preliminary round matches. The first ever European Nations' Cup qualifying match was played on 28 September 1958 between the Soviet Union and Hungary. The first ever goal was scored by Anatoli Ilyin of the Soviet Union four minutes into that game. On 3 December 1958, Greece became the first team to ever be eliminated from the European Nations' Cup after losing 2–8 on aggregate to France.

Qualified teams[edit]

  Did not qualify
  Did not enter
  Not a UEFA member
Team Qualified as Qualified on
 France (host) Second round winner 27 March 1960
 Yugoslavia Second round winner 22 May 1960
 Czechoslovakia Second round winner 29 May 1960
 Soviet Union Second round winner[A] 29 May 1960
  1. ^ The Soviet Union advanced to the main tournament as Spain were disqualifed after they refused to travel to the USSR for the first leg of their quarter-final.

Preliminary round[edit]

Czechoslovakia and the Republic of Ireland were randomly selected to face each other in the preliminary round. The other 15 countries received byes to the first round.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Republic of Ireland  2–4  Czechoslovakia 2–0 0–4

First round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Soviet Union  4–1  Hungary 3–1 1–0
France  8–2  Greece 7–1 1–1
Romania  3–2  Turkey 3–0 0–2
Norway  2–6  Austria 0–1 2–5
Yugoslavia  3–1  Bulgaria 2–0 1–1
East Germany  2–5  Portugal 0–2 2–3
Poland  2–7  Spain 2–4 0–3
Denmark  3–7  Czechoslovakia 2–2 1–5

Second round[edit]

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
France  9–4  Austria 5–2 4–2
Portugal  3–6  Yugoslavia 2–1 1–5
Romania  0–5  Czechoslovakia 0–2 0–3
Soviet Union  w.o.[note 1]  Spain Canc. Canc.


5 goals
4 goals
3 goals
2 goals
1 goal
1 own goal


  1. ^ Spain refused to travel to the Soviet Union for their quarter-final, so Spain were disqualified and the Soviet Union were awarded a walkover victory.

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