1998 Copa del Rey Final

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Copa del Rey 1998 Final
Event 1997–98 Copa del Rey
Date 29 April 1998
Venue Mestalla, Valencia
Referee Daudén Ibáñez
Attendance 54,000 [1]

The 1998 Copa del Rey Final was the 96th final of the Spanish cup competition, the Copa del Rey. The final was played at the Mestalla Stadium in Valencia on 29 April 1998. The game was won by Barcelona 5–4 on penalties, after a 1–1 draw following extra time.


29 April 1998
21:00 CET
Barcelona 1–1 (a.e.t.) Mallorca
Rivaldo Goal 66' Report Stanković Goal 6'
Rivaldo Penalty missed
Giovanni Penalty scored
Celades Penalty missed
Pizzi Penalty scored
Roger Penalty scored
Figo Penalty missed
Óscar Penalty scored
Reiziger Penalty scored
5–4 Penalty missed Rocha
Penalty scored Soler
Penalty missed Campo
Penalty scored Olaizola
Penalty scored Roa
Penalty missed Stanković
Penalty scored Amato
Penalty missed Eskurza
Mestalla, Valencia
Attendance: 54,000
Referee: Daudén Ibáñez
Real Mallorca
GK 13 Netherlands Ruud Hesp
DF 2 Spain Albert Ferrer YC 54' Substituted off 50'
DF 22 Netherlands Michael Reiziger
DF 20 Spain Miguel Ángel Nadal YC 77'
DF 17 Netherlands Winston Bogarde
MF 21 Spain Luis Enrique Substituted off 106'
MF 26 Spain Albert Celades
MF 10 Brazil Giovanni
FW 7 Portugal Luís Figo (c) YC 111'
FW 9 Brazil Sonny Anderson Substituted off 76'
FW 11 Brazil Rivaldo YC 2'
GK 1 Portugal Vítor Baía
DF 5 Portugal Fernando Couto
DF 27 Spain Roger YC 62' Substituted in 50'
MF 6 Spain Óscar Substituted in 106'
FW 19 Argentina Juan Antonio Pizzi Substituted in 76'
Netherlands Louis van Gaal
GK 17 Argentina Carlos Roa
DF 14 Spain Javier Olaizola (c)
DF 5 Spain Marcelino YC 1'
DF 12 Spain Iván Campo YC 84'
DF 21 Spain Enrique Romero YC 84' Red card 93'
MF 2 Argentina Óscar Mena Red card 84'
MF 23 Spain Vicente Engonga YC 46' Substituted off 69'
MF 19 Spain Juan Carlos Valerón YC 76' Substituted off 91'
MF 11 Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Jovan Stanković
FW 10 Spain Santiago Ezquerro Substituted off 71'
FW 9 Argentina Gabriel Amato
GK 1 Spain Kike Burgos
DF 3 Brazil Iván Rocha Substituted in 91'
MF 18 Spain Xabier Eskurza YC 117' Substituted in 69'
MF 15 Spain Francisco Soler Substituted in 71'
FW 16 Spain José Gálvez
Argentina Héctor Cúper


  • 120 minutes.
  • 30 minutes of extra-time if necessary.
  • Penalty shoot-out if scores still level.
  • Five named substitutes.
  • Maximum of three substitutions.