4-Track Mind

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4-Track Mind
4-Track Mind.jpg
Studio album by Spencer Gibb
Released 1997
Recorded Spring/Summer 1997 in Austin, Texas
Genre Alternative rock

4-Track Mind is the debut studio album by Spencer Gibb, under the pseudonym of Jez Spencer.[1] The album was recorded in the spring and summer of 1997 at Gibb's home in Austin, Texas and is considered by some fans to be the first 54 Seconds album, as it includes three founding members (Gibb along with backing musicians, Johnson, and Cochran).

Originally recorded in Gibb's 4-track machine at his home in Austin, Texas. Following the release of 4-Track Mind, Gibb, along with his backing musicians, Stewart Cochran and JJ Johnson, went on to form 50 Seconds.[2]

The album was originally released in 1997, but was remastered and reissued in May 2001 by Jim Wilson, with liner notes by Gibb after 54 Seconds became popular.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "In a Box"
  2. "Twice In One Day"
  3. "If I Was Still Your Man"
  4. "Lately Nothing"
  5. "Whatever Happened to the Flowers"
  6. "World Stood Still"
  7. "Pray"
  8. "Sunday Morning"
  9. "I Still Get High"


  • Spencer Gibb – lead vocals, lead guitar
  • Stewart Cochran – rhodes, organ, clavinet
  • JJ Johnson – drums, vocals
  • Einar Pederson – bass, drums
  • Johnny Goudie – vocals, drums, bass
  • George Reiff – bass
  • Matthew Vaughan – violin


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