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502 Downtowner
CLRV 4064 on 502 Downtowner.jpg
502 Downtowner car on Kingston Road,
travelling westbound at Main Street
Type Streetcar Route
Locale Toronto, Ontario
Termini Bingham Loop (East)
McCaul Loop (West)
Stations TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg Queen
TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg Osgoode
Operator(s) Toronto Transit Commission
Depot(s) Birchmount [1][2]
Rolling stock Shuttle buses
Line length 9.38 km (5.83 mi) [2]
Track gauge 4 ft 10 78 in (1,495 mm) - TTC Gauge
Electrification 600 VDC Overhead
Route number 502
Route map
Transfer stop
intermediate stop
Connection  00  Terminus  00 

McCaul Loop
501 to Long Branch
Queen Street West/McCaul Street ↑ BSicon CLRV.svg  501 
St. Patrick Street
University Avenue (Osgoode station) BSicon BUS1.svg  142  TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg
York Street
Bay Street BSicon BUS1.svg  6   6A 
Yonge Street (Queen station) BSicon BUS1.svg  97B  TTC - Line 1 - Yonge-University-Spadina line.svg
Victoria Street (Saint Michael's Hospital)
Church Street
Jarvis Street
Sherbourne Street BSicon BUS1.svg  75 
Ontario Street
Parliament Street BSicon BUS1.svg  65 
Sackville Street
Sumach Street
River Street
King Street East503 & 504 to downtown
Metrolinx Bala Subdivision
Don River
Don Valley Parkway
Carroll Street BSicon CLRV.svg  503   504 
Broadview Avenue BSicon CLRV.svg  504 
↓ Saulter Street/Boulton Avenue ↑
Metrolinx Kingston Subdivision
Empire Avenue
Logan Avenue
Carlaw Avenue BSicon BUS1.svg  72 
Pape Avenue BSicon BUS1.svg  72A 
↓ Caroline Avenue/Brooklyn Avenue ↑
Jones Avenue BSicon BUS1.svg  83 
Leslie Street
↓ Laing Street/Alton Avenue ↑
Greenwood Avenue BSicon BUS1.svg  31 
Russell Carhouse
Woodfield Road
Coxwell Avenue BSicon BUS1.svg  22 
↓ Kingston Road/Queen Street East↑ BSicon BUS1.svg  22B  BSicon CLRV.svg  501 
Woodbine Loop
501 to Neville Park Loop
↓ Dixon Avenue/Dundas Street East
Columbine Avenue
Rainsford Road
Woodbine Avenue BSicon BUS1.svg  92 
Elmer Avenue
↓ Waverly Road/Brookside Drive ↑
Lee Avenue
Main Street (Southwood Drive) BSicon BUS1.svg  64 
Glen Manor Drive
Beech Avenue
Scarborough Road
Bingham Avenue
Victoria Park Avenue
Bingham Loop BSicon BUS1.svg  12   22A  BSicon CLRV.svg  503 

The 502 Downtowner is a streetcar line (with shuttle bus replacement service in 2018) operated by the Toronto Transit Commission in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It runs from the Bingham Loop at Victoria Park Avenue and Kingston Road in the Beaches neighbourhood to McCaul Loop in downtown Toronto.

Currently, the route is operating with buses instead of streetcars due to a streetcar shortage.


It runs southwest on Kingston Road then turns west along Queen Street. It goes west along Queen to McCaul Street where there is a turning loop just north of Queen Street West. The route is grouped together with the 503 Kingston Road for accounting purposes, as they share a large amount of the same track.[3]

Route 502 Downtowner operates in the rush hour only with a 12-minute service frequency. It overlaps route 503 Kingston Rd from the Bingham Loop to the streetcar junction at King Street East and Queen Street East. Route 503 Kingston Rd provides daytime service (no evening service) on Kingston Road on workdays only.[4]

Evening, weekend and holiday service is provided by the 22A Coxwell bus route replacing streetcar service along Kingston Road.[5] The section to the west of Queen and Coxwell is served by the 501 Queen and 504 King streetcars. Both of these routes have all day services.[6][7]


A streetcar route along Kingston Road and Queen Street between Victoria Park Avenue and McCaul Street has existed under various route names and with some variations in routing since about 1930, according to TTC system maps and ride guides.[8]

By 1930, the Queen streetcar route (not the same as today's 501 Queen) ran from the Birchmount Loop to the McCaul Loop. A 1930 system map indicates that some streetcars turned back at the Bingham Loop, while an extra fare was required to go beyond Victoria Park Avenue to the Birchmount Loop.[9]

By September 1938, the route from the Birchmount Loop to the McCaul Loop had by then been renamed from "Queen" to "Kingston Rd" (not the same as today's 503 Kingston Rd). Despite the name change, there was no change in routing.[10]

On July 1, 1954, the Birchmount Loop was abandoned and the Bingham Loop became the eastern terminal of the Kingston Rd route. Thus, in 1954, the Kingston Rd route became identical to the present-day 502 Downtowner route.[11]

Prior to 1966, the Coxwell streetcar provided evening, weekend and holiday service on Kingston Road. There was an off-hour extension of the Coxwell route from Coxwell Avenue and Queen Street to the Bingham Loop. In 1966, with the opening of Line 2 Bloor–Danforth, the 22 Coxwell bus replaced the Coxwell streetcar to service Kingston Road to the Bingham Loop in the off-hours.[12]

By May 11, 1968, a new rush-hour route, called the Kingston Rd Tripper, was created running from the Bingham Loop to King and York streets. This tripper route would become today's 503 Kingston Rd route. "Tripper" here means a rush-hour variant of a base route which in this case was the Kingston Rd route (today's 502 Downtowner) to the McCaul Loop.[13][12]

Buses replaced streetcars while the Bingham Loop was being rebuilt in 2010. As of fall 2016 the route was again replaced by shuttle buses due to a streetcar fleet shortage

On April 2, 1973, the new Downtowner streetcar route replaced the Kingston Rd route (not the same route as today's 503 Kingston Rd). However, Downtowner initially did not terminate at McCaul Street, but continued further west to Bathurst Street then north to terminate at Bathurst station. The eastern terminal of the route remained the Bingham Loop. On September 4, 1974, the route west of McCaul Street became rush-hour only. Then, on March 9, 1984, all streetcars on the Downtowner route terminated at the McCaul Loop thus permanently eliminating the branch to Bathurst station. Thus, in 1984, the Downtowner route became identical to the 1954–1973 Kingston Rd route and today's 502 Downtowner route. Also, the Kingston Rd Tripper became known simply as the "Kingston Rd" (today's 503 Kingston Rd).[12]

Since October 11, 2016, the 502 Downtowner route has been temporarily operated by buses due to a shortage of streetcars resulting from the late delivery of the new Bombardier Flexity Outlook streetcars.[14]

On February 20, 2018, the 502 Downtowner and 503 Kingston Rd routes reversed roles. Prior to that date, route 502 provided base, workday service supplemented by route 503 in the rush hours. Since that date, route 503 provides base service while route 502 provides rush-hour only service.[4]

Sites along the line (from east to west)[edit]


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