6th Alberta Legislature

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The 6th Alberta Legislative Assembly was formed by the Alberta general election of 1926 and lasted to 1930. The United Farmers of Alberta government had been re-elected to their second term in power under Premier John Brownlee.

This was the first legislature that was elected under Single Transferable Vote.

Composition changes during the 6th Assembly[edit]

Number of members
per party by date
1926 1928 1930
Jun 28 Jan 10 May 1 ?
United Farmers 43 44
Liberal 7 6 7 6
     Dominion Labor 5
     Conservative 4
     Independent Labor 1
Total members 60 59 60
Vacant 0 1 0
Government Majority 26 27 26 28
Membership changes during the 6th Assembly
Date Name District Party Reason
  June 28, 1926 See List of Members Election day of the sixth Alberta general election
  January 10, 1928 Charles Pingle Medicine Hat Liberal Died of a stroke
  May 1, 1928 Hector Lang Medicine Hat Liberal Elected in a by-election
  1930 John Frame Athabasca United Farmers Crossed the floor from the Liberals to the United Farmers caucus


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