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Ace is a given name, nickname and surname. Notable people and fictional characters with the name include:

Given name or nickname[edit]

  • Alfredo Aceves (born 1982), Major League Baseball relief pitcher
  • Ace Adams (1910–2006), American Major League Baseball relief pitcher
  • Jim Adams (lacrosse) (born c. 1929), American retired lacrosse coach, member of the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame
  • Ace Atkins (born 1970), American crime reporter and author
  • Ace Backwords (born 1956), underground cartoonist
  • Ace Bailey (1903–1992), Canadian National Hockey League player
  • Garnet Bailey (1948-2001), Canadian National Hockey League player and scout who died in 9/11 attacks
  • Ace Bhatti (born 1970), British actor
  • Ace Brigode (1893–1960), American dance band leader and musician
  • Ace Cannon (born 1934), American saxophonist
  • Ace Durano (born 1970), Filipino politician
  • Ace Enders (born 1982), America lead singer and guitarist of the band The Early November
  • Rich Franklin (born 1974), American MMA fighter
  • Ace Frehley (born 1951), rock and roll guitarist and former member of the rock band Kiss
  • Leo Gottlieb (born 1920), American basketball player
  • Ace Gutowsky (1909-1976), American National Football League player
  • Ace Harris (1910-1964), American jazz pianist
  • Ace Herman (1913–1971), American film editor and producer
  • Ace Kefford (born 1946), English rock bass guitarist
  • Ace Khuse (born 1968), South African retired association football player and current interim coach
  • Ace Loomis (1928-2003), American National Football League player
  • James Lyons (admiral) (born 1927), United States Navy admiral
  • Ace Magashule (born 1959), South African politician
  • Ace Mumford (1898-1962), African-American college football head coach
  • Patrick Ntsoelengoe (1952-2006), South African footballer
  • Ace Parker (1912-2013), American National Football League quarterback and Major League Baseball player and coach, member of Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Ace Reid (1925-1991), American cartoonist
  • Ace Rusevski (born 1956), Macedonian retired boxer who represented Yugoslavia at the 1976 Summer Olympics
  • Ace Sanders (born 1991), American National Football League player
  • Ace Stewart (1869-1912), Major League Baseball player in 1895
  • Judd Trump (born 1989), snooker player nicknamed "The Ace"
  • Ace Vergel (1952–2007), Filipino actor
  • Ace Williams (1917-1999), American Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Ace Young (born 1980), finalist on the TV series American Idol
  • Aaron "Ace" Elam (born 1993), American Halo player


  • Dylan Ace (born 1981), American magician and escape artist
  • Goodman Ace (1899-1982), American humorist, radio writer and comedian, television writer, and magazine columnist born Goodman Aiskowitz
  • Jane Ace (1897-1974), American radio performer, wife of Goodman Ace
  • Juliet Ace (born 1938), British dramatist, playwright and radio and television writer

Stage name[edit]

  • Ace and Vis, British radio presenters
  • Ace Hood (born 1989), American rapper Antoine McColister
  • Ace Wilder (born 1982), Swedish singer Alice Gernandt
  • Buddy Ace (1936-1994), American blues singer James Lee Land
  • Johnny Ace (1929–1954), American singer John Marshall Alexander, Jr.
  • Mellow Man Ace (born 1967), American rapper Ulpiano Sergio Reyes

Ring name[edit]

  • Ace Darling, professional wrestler Mike Maraldo (born 1974)
  • Ace Steel, professional wrestler Chris Guy (born 1973)
  • Johnny Ace, American professional wrestler John Laurinaitis (born 1962)

Fictional characters[edit]