Akhnoor Fort

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Akhnoor Fort
Location Akhnoor, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Coordinates 32°53′47″N 74°44′27″E / 32.8963°N 74.7407°E / 32.8963; 74.7407Coordinates: 32°53′47″N 74°44′27″E / 32.8963°N 74.7407°E / 32.8963; 74.7407
Type Cultural
State Party  India
Fort at Akhnoor as viewed from Ghat on Chenab River.

Akhnoor Fort (Hindi: अखनूर किला ) is on the right bank of Chenab River (ancient name Asikni). Construction was started by Mian Tej Singh in 1762 AD and completed by his successor Raja Alum Singh in 1802.

The fort has high fortification walls with bastions at regular intervals and is crowned with battlements. There are two-storeyed watch-towers at the corners, which are crowned by battlements and merlons. The fort has two parts which are bifurcated by a wall with a gate leading to the palace on the southern side. The palace is two-storeyed, and the walls facing the courtyard have decorated arches, some of which contain mural paintings.

Access to Akhnoor Fort is obtained through both the river sides and the northern side. Formerly, a large part of the fort was in ruins; conservation work in progress.


The Akhnoor Fort was perched upon an ancient site, locally known as Manda, which has been subjected to a limited excavation, which in turn has exposed a threefold sequence of culture.

  • Period I is represented by Harappan red and grey pottery consisting of jars, dish-on-stand beakers and goblets, along with other objects, including copper pins, bone arrowheads, terracotta cakes and sherds with Harappan graffiti.
  • Period II is marked by the presence of early historic pottery.
  • Period III is represented by Kushana objects and impressive walls of rubble diaper masonry flanked on both sides by a 3-metre-wide street.[1][2]

According to historian Alexander Cunningham there were 19 states in Jammu province in the 19th century and Akhnoor was largest.

Raja H H Bachiter singh ji was only son of Raja Gandharv singh born in 1957bk married in family of Pathania of Ladodi in which family Raja Chamba had also married from whom had a issue who died young and Rani in revenue record is known as Rani Pathani and second marriage to Rajkumari Kesri devi of Panwer Raja of pak pattan mintgomery mianwali now Pakistan who gave Gadi fort of their forefathers after defeat in 840AD to Raja Gandharv singh Raja Akhnoor as per history of Panwers of pakpattan .Raja Bachiter singh fought battle of chitral and WWI and got jangi lands ,he had issue. Raja Suraj Singh ji succeeded him at age of 2 year but his servant as per jamabandi of 1990bk of gundjahangir connived with Hari singh and allowed Hari singh to enter Akhnoor but agitation started against Hari singh. Raja Suraj singh ji married to Rajkumari Purab devi of Rai sahib Raja Raghunath singhji of mintgomery Pakistan chief of panjab and cousin of Raja Jagat singh of Nurpur as per book “Chiefs of panjab” by griffin but after partition Rai Sahib shifted to tehsil Nurpur. Raja H H suraj singh ji has 3 sons Prince MS Jamwal is in IAS services and Ranbir singh have issue , Rajeshwer singh also joined state Govt service is married and Rajkumari Neena married to Bhupinder singh uttrakhand. she has a son Ajat shatru singh who did his schooling from Sanawer school Himachal Pradeshand is a civil engineer .She also had a daughter Rajkumari veena who is married to Narinder Singh chief Engineer In Indian railway , Rajkumari Veena has one daughters, Rajkumari jhanvi and Rajkumari Meena Jamwal and Rajkumari Anita jamwal who succeeded parental property.

successors were left with no soldier from India as all adopted Buddhism as confirmed from excavations in Ambaran Akhnoor Raja Virat’s sons utter his sons shiv ji,Raja Teg Singh succeeded in 1762. Raja H H Aalm Singh succeeded Tej singh in 1802 and built existing Akhnoor fort and ruled till 1898 and married Rajkumari of Raja Pal of basoli where Raja Chamba had married but his younger brother Raja Nihal singh died in 1806 leaving behind Raja Gandharv Singh his only son as per record of right of kot of 1960bk who assisted Raja Aalm singh who had no issue.Raja H H Gandharv singh succeeded in 1950 bk and Raja married Rajkumari of Bhadoo billawer jammu and second time married their second rajkumari from had son Raja Bachiter singh but his ranies died young and 3rd time married Rajkumari Prajapati devi of Bhaderwah from had no issue,4th time married to Rajkumari Subhadra devi of Bhaderwah from whom had no issue.