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Anthony Lun
Chinese name 倫永亮 (traditional)
Chinese name 伦永亮 (simplified)
Pinyin lún yông liàng (Mandarin)
Jyutping leon4 wing5 loeng (Cantonese)
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1956-04-12) 12 April 1956 (age 61)
Hong Kong
Occupation Songwriter, Arranger, Musical Director, Singer
Genre(s) Cantopop
Instrument(s) piano, violin, percussions
Label(s) Capital Artists, Bali Records Company, Golden Pony, Pony Canyon, Universal Music (HK), EMI, Opus Forever Music
Years active 1986-present
Ancestry Zhaoqing, Guangdong
Alma mater University of Michigan

Anthony Lun is a Hong Kong songwriter, arranger, musical director and singer who sings in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English.

Anthony Lun is a graduate of La Salle College, Hong Kong, Santa Clara University (Bachelor of Arts) and University of Michigan (Masters of Music).

Upon returning to Hong Kong in 1986, Anthony released an album, "Anthony Lun's Composition Collection". However, he only came to the Hong Kong music industry's attention after winning the Asia Pacific Popular Song Contest the same year. He entered the competition at the initiation of Poon Kwong Pui who wrote the winning song, "Lyrics". The song is also available in his second, self-titled album. In 1990, he released an album called "Man Behind The Piano" and the song of the same title became a hit.

Between 1989 and 1997, Anthony composed over 300 songs with 42 No. 1 hits.[1] He composed songs performed by famous Asian artistes including Jackie Chan, Faye Wong, Sandy Lam, Anita Mui, Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Lui Fong, Alex To, Elisa Chan and Cass Phang.

In 1991, Anthony won the prestigious Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards in the Best Movie Theme category for soundtrack of the movie, "Au Revoir, Mon Amour" (Till We Meet Again). The notable theme song, "何日" (When) was sung by Anita Mui. In 2001, he also composed the score for an award-winning movie Peony Pavilion (遊園驚夢).

In 2004, he held a concert, "HKPO x Sandy x Anthony LIVE", with Sandy Lam at the Hong Kong Coliseum featuring the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra.[2]

Apart from working with good friend Sandy Lam, he is also known for his musical direction (for concerts) with Anita Mui, Andy Lau, Connie Chan Po-chu, Deanie Yip, Leon Lai, Sally Yeh and George Lam.

In 2005, Anthony and a well-known Taiwanese composer, Jonathan Lee produced a theme song for the Tsunami relief benefit performance organised by the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild.[3] In 2006, Anthony Lun returned to Hong Kong Coliseum in April for 2 solo concerts. In 2007, November, Anthony made his acting debut on the theater stage in a play called "Far Flower World". The play was so well received that it was staged for 8 consecutive shows at APA in March, 2008 with an all sold-out performances. In 2008, Anthony's first full-blown musical titled "Snow Queen" was staged in May at Kwai Tsing Theater. Anthony wrote and orchestrated the music, with librettos by Chris Shum. The musical was based on an Anderson fairy tale. In 2009, Anthony began touring with Sandy Lam as her musical director and her guest in the concerts.

In 2009, Lun was part of the judging panel for season one of The Voice on TVB.


  • 1986 - Winner of the ABU Popular Song Contest with the song "Lyrics"
  • 1987 - Most Outstanding New Artist - Radio Hong Kong; Most Creative Pop Song of the year - "Lyrics" - RTHK
  • 1988 - Song of the Year - "Hot Red Lips" -Radio Hong Kong, Commercial Radio, TVB
  • 1990 - Best Arranger of the year - "Burn" - Commercial Radio, Radio Hong Kong, TVB; Best Composer of the year - "Burn" - Commercial Radio
  • 1991 - Best Male Vocalist of the year - Commercial Radio; Best Movie Theme - " Au Revoir, Mon Amour" - Golden Horse Award; Gold Award - "Goodbye, My Love" - Asia Music Festival; Most Performed Work on Radio - "Heart Is Still Cold" - Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong; Most Performed Work - " Heart Is Still Cold" - Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong; Best Producer of the year - Commercial Radio; Best Composer of the Year - Commercial Radio; Best Song of the Year - "Heart Is Still Cold" - TVB; Best Arranger of the Year - "Past Life" - TVB; Best Commercial of the Year - "Girodano" - Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong
  • 1992 - Most Performed Song of the Year - "I Said I Want You To Be Happy" - Radio Hong Kong; Best Song of the Year - "Why Did I Let You Go?" - Radio Hong Kong
  • 2003 - Best Original Music for the Stage – “Scent of Resurrection”


  • 1987 - Representing Hong Kong at the ABU Popular Song Contest in New Zealand
  • 1988 - The song "Hot Red Lips" chosen to be performed at the Olympic Games in Seoul
  • 1990 - Guest Artist on NHK Special, Japan
  • 1991 - Guest Artist on NHK TV Special, Japan
  • 1992 - Guest Artist in Rock N' Roll Bandstand '90-'91, Hong Kong
  • 1993 - Most Outstanding Youth of Hong Kong Award
  • 1994 - Guest on World Aids Special - NHK Special, Japan
  • 1994 - Guest Artist on NHK Special, Japan
  • 1994 - Cartier Achievement Award
  • 1997 - Guest artist representing Hong Kong in the 17th World Peace Festival, Osaka
  • 1998 - Composer Achievement - Commercial Radio

Public performances[edit]

Work experience[edit]


  • Masters in Music - University of Michigan, 1981 (graduated with cum laude)
  • Bachelor of Arts - University of Santa Clara, 1979 (graduated with cum laude)


  • 1986 - "Seek" (Kongo's)
  • 1986 - "Lyrics" (Capital Artists)
  • 1987 - "Anthony Lun" (Capital Artists)
  • 1990 - "Man Behind The Piano" (Bali Records)
  • 1991 - "Cheers For Love" (Bali Records)
  • 1992 - "One Voice Ten Fingers" (Golden Pony)
  • 1993 - "One Alone On The Road" (Golden Pony)
  • 1993 - "One Voice Ten Fingers" (Pony Canyon)
  • 1994 - "Time" (Golden Pony)
  • 1994 - "Listen" (Golden Pony)
  • 1995 - "Fields Of Heart" (Golden Pony)
  • 1995 - "Looking Glass" (Pony Canyon)
  • 1996 - "Second Life" (Golden Pony)
  • 1996 - "Don't Compare" (Pony Canyon)
  • 1997 - "A Song For You" (Golden Pony)
  • 1999 - "New Songs and Best Hits" (Golden Pony)
  • 1999 - "Summer of 1999" (Yamaha Records)
  • 2000 – "The Red Boat" (Hero Idea)
  • 2001 – "Anthony Lun Greatest Hits" (Golden Pony)
  • 2003 - "A Song For You" (Golden Pony)
  • 2003 – "Autumn Night" (EMI)
  • 2004 - "Under The Roof," Live concert for DVD (EMI)
  • 2006 – "A feeling Unsung" (Go East)
  • 2007 – "Live at Hong Kong Coliseum" DVD, CD (Opus Forever)


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