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Joey Yung

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Joey Yung
Yung at Pretty Crazy Concert 2019
Born (1980-06-16) 16 June 1980 (age 43)
EducationHong Kong Institute of Vocational Education, Diploma in Tourism
  • Singer
  • actress
Years active1996–present
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese
Musical career
Also known as
  • Joey
  • Cho B (祖B)
  • Jo-Jo (祖祖)
OriginHong Kong
Instrument(s)Vocals, Piano, Guitar

Joey Yung (Chinese: 容祖兒; Cantonese Yale: Yùhng Jóuyìh, pinyin: Róng Zǔ'ér; born 16 June 1980) is a Hong Kong singer signed to Emperor Entertainment Group. Since her debut in 1996, Yung has won numerous awards, including the JSG Most Popular Female Singer and Ultimate Best Female Singer – Gold awards a record-breaking nine times. She was ranked 63rd on the 2014 Forbes China Celebrity 100, making her the most influential Hong Kong-based female singer that year.[1] In 2014, she reportedly earned HK$80 million (US$10.3 million).[2]

Early life[edit]

Yung was born on 16 June 1980 at Yan Chai Hospital in Tsuen Wan elder to one brother.[3] She has ancestral roots from Xinhui, Guangdong.[4] She attended Ma On Shan Lutheran Primary School, where she was classmates with Wong Cho-lam in her sixth grade.

At the age of fifteen, Yung competed in the Big Echo Karaoke Singing Contest and was subsequently signed by Go East Entertainment Co., Ltd. As an artist under Go East, she recorded the song "The First Time I Want to be Drunk" as a theme song for a film but did not gain much recognition and was dropped by the label not long after. She continued to attend school while working as a clerk and helping her mother manage a fashion boutique. Later, an ex-colleague from Go East introduced her to Pony Canyon. However, not long after she joined the company, Pony Canyon shut down its Hong Kong branch.


1998–1999: Debut[edit]

In 1998, Yung signed with the Hong Kong record label Fitto Entertainment. In 1999, she was sent abroad for training and began to receive singing lessons from Teresa Carpio and Roman Tam, whom she accompanied on concert tours to gain experience as a performer. By that point, she had graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education with a diploma in tourism.

On 30 September 1999, she released her debut EP, EP 1 Joey. It sold 130,000 copies in Hong Kong and remained on the IFPI Album Charts for 2.3 weeks.


In February 2000, Yung's apartment in Happy Valley was destroyed in a fire.[5] That year, she made her first film appearance in Winner Takes All and her first television drama appearance in The Green Hope. She also released her second EP, titled EP 2 Can't Afford to Miss, and her first studio album, Who Will Love Me. At the same time, she fronted campaigns for several brands including Four Seas, the Red Cross, and Netvigator, and held her first concert, Joey Yung's 'See You Everywhere' Live Concert, at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

In 2001, Yung released her first compilation album Love Joey, which became the best-selling album of the year, followed by two Cantonese albums, All Summer Holiday and Solemn on Stage. In November, she held her second live concert and first concert series, H2O+ 'Solemn on Stage' Joey Yung Live in Concert 2001 at the Hong Kong Coliseum. She launched her singing career in Taiwan with the release of her first Mandarin album Honestly.

In 2002, she traveled abroad for two months to undergo dancing lessons, returning to Hong Kong to release the Cantonese album Something About You. She then became the spokesperson of Nissin and Nikon. On 11 October, she released the Mandarin album One Person's Love Song, and at the end of the year, she released her second compilation album, Love Joey 2.

In 2003, Yung's became well known for the song "My Pride" (我的驕傲) (the theme song of the TV commercial for Banyan Garden developed by Cheung Kong Holdings), released on 25 March on the album of the same name. That year, she became the spokesperson of a slimming parlour, losing some baby fat and presenting a new image. She released the album Show Up! on 30 September and held her third concert, Show Up! Live at the Hong Kong Coliseum. On 17 December, she released the Mandarin album Sola Portrait (獨照). At the end of the year, she dominated all the major Hong Kong music awards ceremonies, winning a handful of prestigious awards, including the JSG Most Popular Female Singer award and the Gold Song-Gold award (金曲金獎) at the JSG Best Ten Music Awards Presentation for "My Pride." She also won her first Best Female Singer-Gold award at the CRHK Music Awards, becoming the award's youngest ever recipient, and the Media Award for the artist who had accumulated the most awards from the four music award ceremonies in Hong Kong. Following this, she began the Show Up World Tour, which included dates in Canada, Australia, the United States, Mainland China, Macau, and Malaysia.

Joey Yung concert in 2006

In 2004, Yung released the studio album Nin9 2 5ive and her first photo album The Real Joey, Glamour in London. The photo album was well received by the public and sold out shortly after its release. Her second album in 2004, Give Love a Break, was also a commercial success, breaking the platinum mark with pre-orders alone. At the end of the year, Yung released a Cantonese cover of "Chihuahua" (a song previously released in English by DJ BoBo) as part of a Coca-Cola advertising campaign in Hong Kong. At the year-end music awards, she won over 20 awards and received the highest honour award again, the Media Award. It was estimated that for 2004, her income was HK$60 million, including her income from endorsements alone, amounting to HK$10 million.

In 2005, Yung released her third compilation album, Love Joey 3, as well as a new Cantonese studio album, Bi-Heart. Her fourth major concert, Reflection of Joey's Live Concert, spanned eight days in October and November. The concert's theme song, "好事多為", was mixed and re-arranged in South Korea, resulting in the "好事多為 Reflection Mix". EEG was sponsored by Sony Ericsson for the theme song's music video. Following the success of the concert, its CD/VCD/DVD was certified triple platinum, selling 120,000 copies, and Yung's album sales surpassed five million worldwide, an impressive feat in the Cantopop industry (in which an average album will sell around 100,000 copies). However, Yung suffered from strained vocal cords and had to work for several days without talking in an effort to relax her vocal cords. She also spent several days receiving remedial acupuncture treatment in Nanjing and took singing lessons under vocal coach Christine Samson, known for teaching corrective singing techniques to many Cantopop singers. That year, she purchased two connecting flats named The Legend at Jardine's Lookout, Hong Kong, for HK$40 million.

On 27 February 2006, Yung released her tenth Cantonese studio album, Ten Most Wanted. According to Yung, the album was more experimental and had higher production values than her previous albums. She worked with Mavis Fan for two songs on the album; "Get Fit with Jane Fonda" and "Torn Tongue", both of which had lyrics by Yiu Fai Chow. On 21 July, she released a Mandarin album, Jump Up – 9492.

At the end of 2006, Yung released the Cantonese album Close Up to commercial success, selling out at stores over Hong Kong as well as online CD stores. A second version of the album was released on 26 January 2007, containing a bonus DVD with music videos for the songs "Splendid Encounter (華麗邂逅)" and "Elated Heart (心花怒放)". Around the same time, Yung held a concert organised by Neway with appearances from other artists such as Anthony Wong, at17, Hins Cheung, Yumiko Cheng, Vincent Wong, and Sun Boy'z.

In 2007, she became Hong Kong's ambassador of the World Vision 30 Hour Famine campaign and visited Kenya in March. On 5 July, she released her fifth Mandarin album, Insignificant Me, with the title track produced by Jay Chou. It was one of her worst selling Mandarin albums. On 7 July, she performed at the Live Earth concert in Shanghai. On 7 November, she released another album, Glow.

In early 2008, Yung released her fourth compilation album Love Joey 4 and held her fifth concert titled StarLight Live over ten days at the Hong Kong Coliseum. During the concert, she performed "The Power Medley", a 20-minute intense dance medley of her fast-tempo tracks. The concert's success led to a four-night extension. In February, Yung travelled to New York City with the hope of improving her dancing skills. That year she sang a number of official songs for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and began a world tour shortly afterwards with shows in Malaysia, Canada, the United States, Mainland China, Singapore, and Macau.

The year 2009 marked the tenth anniversary of Yung's career with EEG. To celebrate the occasion, two albums (A Time For Us and Very Busy) and a documentary were released, and a mini-concert (Perfect Ten Live at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre's Grand Theatre, where Yung won her first major singing contest in 1995) was held on 4 October, with tickets for the two shows selling out within seven minutes. The Perfect Ten Live Boxset was released in two versions in December: the standard version included two concert DVDs, the Perfect 10 documentary, and a photo album, while the deluxe version contained two more CDs from Perfect Ten Live and more photos. Towards the end of the year, Yung performed at the concert Music Is Live with Mobile Chan and won the Media Award for the third time (having previously won the award in 2003 and 2004).


On 29 January 2010, the 10th Anniversary EP titled Joey Ten was released together with the Joey Ten Boxset. The EP consisted of 10 different covers (9 for Version 1 and 1 for Version 2) and five songs. The Joey Ten Boxset included a photo album, stickers, a thank you card from Yung, a 'Chofy' bookmark, a comic book, a 'Chofy' USB, a DVD, and the new EP ('Chofy' is plush that represents Joey and the name is a combination of her Chinese name and Miffy). Three songs were promoted from the EP and all were charted at number one on three or more charts. In March, Yung concluded her StarLight Tour with two final shows in Sydney and Melbourne. On 20 August, she released another EP, EP2010, and in November she began her Number6 concert, which was her sixth major solo concert held at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

In 2011, Yung took a break for the first time since 2002 and travelled around the world. She stated that she would be focusing on the Mandarin-language market after the break, recording a new Mandarin album and carrying out promotions in Taiwan and Mainland China. On 26 April 2011, Yung became the first Chinese female singer to perform at London's Royal Albert Hall and t\e third Chinese singer overall, after her mentor Roman Tam in 1979 and Eason Chan in 2010. This was her first concert in Europe. On 23 September 2011, Yung released her 21st studio album, Joey & Joey. From the album, the song "13:00 (13點)" took the number one spot on three of the four major Hong Kong music charts, and the songs "The Tree with a Thousand Flowers (花千樹)" and "Wallpaper (牆紙)" were number ones on all four charts. Joey & Joey became the highest-selling local album of the year. Yung also starred in the film Diva, produced by Chapman To.

During the first half of 2012, she continued to tour with her Number 6 concert in Macau, Reno, Atlantic City, and Toronto. In July, she released her seventh Mandarin album Moment, from which she promoted the songs "Right Time (正好)", "Looking at Flowers Through the Fog (霧裏看花)", and "Increase Power (加大力度)". That year, she sang the theme song "Drama Series (連續劇)" for the TVB show The Hippocratic Crush and received a total of fourteen awards at the four major awards ceremonies.

Joey Yung Little Day CD signing event in 2013

In May 2013, Yung released her first single of the year, "View in a New Light (另眼相看)". On 29 June, she performed the last date of her Number6 world tour in Resorts World Sentosa in Singapore. On 15 August, she released the album Little Day, which went 4× Platinum. She followed the album up with two compilation albums, the Hopelessly Romantic Collection (released 3 December)[6] and the All Delicious Collection (released 20 December).[7]

Between December 2013 and October 2015, she performed in the Ageas Joey Yung in Concert 1314 tour, beginning at the Hong Kong Coliseum and holding dates in China, Malaysia, and the United States. In 2014, Yung suffered another period where she lost her voice and had to take care of family illness. In 2015, Yung performed in concert with Hacken Lee, and she released the EP Me, re-do in April. In 2016, Yung appeared alongside Hacken Lee on the Chinese television series I Am a Singer as the second substitute singer of the season and was eliminated before the second round of the finale.

Between 24 March and 15 April 2017, in a concert was on the drawing board for 6 years, Yung performed in My Secret Live in the Concert Hall of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. It is a concert where all songs are non-promotional side-tracks from all her albums. The venue itself is also lesser known and smaller, as the total full attendance in the 17 shows combined would not amount to half the capacity of the Hong Kong Coliseum. On 31 October 2017, as Yung shifted her focus on commercial sponsorships and various ambassadorial work with Twins, she decided that she would not attend any music awards for the first time in her career in 2017/18 awards season, which was also due to her having no album releases or new works either as a singer or actress in 2017, meaning she would give up defending all her titles during the awards season.[8][9]

On August 24, Joey Yung held the nineteenth “Pretty Crazy Joey Yung Concert Tour” at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Joey Yung invited many famous singers to the concert as guests, including Andy Lau, Leon Lai Ming, Jacky Cheung, JJ Lin, Nicholas Tse, Ekin Cheng, Jeff Chang, Louis Koo, Kenny Kwan, The Grasshopper, Julian Cheung, Leo Ku, Hacken Lee, etc.[10]

2020–present: COVID-19 and onward[edit]

Due to the pandemic, Yung spent most of her time from mid-2020 in China. Yung released a Cantonese single in November 2020 entitled "Live in the Moment (東京人壽)". This also marked the first time Yung participated in the composition of a song she had co-written with Howie from Dear Jane. A special music video for the song was released in December with clips from the Pretty Crazy Tour. In February 2021, "Gone with the Flare (煙花紀)" was released. The song title was inspired by the lyrics of her 2009 hit song "In Search of Deities (搜神記)" from the album A Time for Us.

The Pretty Crazy Tour started on 25 January 2021 with two consecutive shows at The Venetian, Las Vegas. The third show was held in Atlantic City. In Europe, Yung performed in Hague, The Netherlands on 3 March 2020 and in London, England on 9 March 2020. With the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic, the remaining shows in the world tour were either cancelled or postponed.[11][12] In January 2021, Yung joined the second season of the Chinese reality series Sisters Who Make Waves (season 2) which sees 30 women – all established artists in their own right – compete in various singing and dancing challenges weekly.[13] Cecilia Cheung is also part of the line-up.[14] Yung ranked 2nd during the initial evaluation stage in Episode 1. Yung subsequently led her team to victory for the third public performance.[15] The fifth and final public performance took place in April 2021 and Yung emerged 4th overall in the final results, thus successfully debuting in a team.[16]

Yung released a Chinese single, "So Fresh (featuring Dany Lee)," in August 2021. She joined The Masked Dancer (season 2) as a judge and participant. On 29 September 2021, she released a Cantonese single "After All These (不配)". She also directed the accompanying music video. During a live session, Yung also revealed that she would be releasing her first Cantonese studio album in 5 years by the end of 2021.

Personal life[edit]

In June 2012, Wilfred Lau publicly announced their relationship which Yung subsequently confirmed.[17][18] They broke up in 2018.[19] She has openly expressed a pro-establishment stance during the 2019-2020 Hong Kong Protests and was featured prominently in a video campaign by the People’s Daily to "oppose violence" and "rebuild Hong Kong."[20] In March 2021, Yung posted on Weibo, expressing her support for cotton made in Xinjiang, after companies suspended purchasing of cotton from there due to human rights concerns.[21]




Joey Yung Live in Concert 2001
Date City Country Venue
25 October 2001 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
26 October 2001
27 October 2001
Neway Joey Yung Live Show Up
Date City Country Venue
16 October 2003 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
17 October 2003
18 October 2003
19 October 2003
20 October 2003
21 October 2003
20 August 2004 Sydney Australia Sydney Entertainment Centre
22 August 2004 Melbourne Hisense Arena
9 November 2004 Vancouver Canada General Motors Place
14 November 2004 Rama Casino Rama
4 March 2005 Genting Highlands Malaysia Arena of Stars
5 March 2005
22 August 2005 Guangzhou China Guangzhou Gymnasium
16 July 2005 Shenzhen Bao'an Gymnasium
Sony Ericsson Reflection of Joey's Live
Date City Country Venue
26 October 2005 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
27 October 2005
28 October 2005
29 October 2005
30 October 2005
31 October 2005
1 November 2005
2 November 2005
14 November 2006 Toronto Canada Casino Rama
23 November 2006 Atlantic City United States Mark G. Etress Arena
24 November 2006
25 November 2006 Las Vegas Mirage Events Center
27 April 2007 Genting Highlands Malaysia Arena of Stars
28 April 2007
Johnnie Walker Keep Walking StarLight Joey Yung Live
Date City Country Venue
25 January 2008 Hung Hom China Hong Kong Coliseum
26 January 2008
27 January 2008
28 January 2008
29 January 2008
30 January 2008
31 January 2008
1 February 2008
2 February 2008
3 February 2008
12 April 2008
13 April 2008
14 April 2008
15 April 2008
27 July 2008 Genting Highlands Malaysia Arena of Stars
28 July 2008
27 September 2008 Atlantic City United States Mark G. Etress Arena
28 September 2008
3 October 2008 Toronto Canada Air Canada Centre
11 November 2008 Reno United States Peppermill Reno
24 December 2008 Shanghai China Shanghai Indoor Stadium
9 March 2009 Macau CotaiArena
18 April 2009 Singapore Singapore The MAX Pavilion@
Singapore Expo
26 March 2010 Melbourne Australia Hisense Arena
28 March 2010 Sydney Sydney Entertainment Centre
Joey Yung Perfect 10 Live 2009
Date City Country Venue
4 October 2009 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Cultural Centre
Nokia Joey Yung Concert Number 6 2010
Date City Country Venue
19 November 2010 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
20 November 2010
21 November 2010
22 November 2010
23 November 2010
24 November 2010
25 November 2010
26 November 2010
27 November 2010
28 November 2010
3 December 2010
4 December 2010
26 April 2011 London United Kingdom Royal Albert Hall
13 August 2011 Guangzhou China Tianhe Stadium
7 January 2012 Macau Cotai Arena
31 March 2012 Reno United States Tuscany Events Center
8 April 2012 Atlantic City Hard Rock Live at Mark G Etess Arena
10 April 2012 Toronto Canada Casino Rama
20 October 2012 Genting Highlands Malaysia Arena of Stars
29 June 2013 Singapore Resorts World Sentosa
Ageas Joey Yung in Concert 1314
Date City Country Venue
21 December 2013 Hong Kong China Hong Kong Coliseum
22 December 2013
23 December 2013
24 December 2013
25 December 2013
26 December 2013
27 December 2013
28 December 2013
31 December 2013
1 January 2014
2 January 2014
3 January 2014
4 January 2014
5 January 2014
6 January 2014
20 December 2014 Uncasville United States Mohegan Sun Arena
27 December 2014 Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden Arena
23–24 January 2015 Macau China Cotai Arena
1 August 2015 Guangzhou Guangzhou Gymnasium
3 October 2015 Genting Highlands Malaysia Arena of Stars
17 October 2015 Foshan China Foshan Lingnan Mingzhu Gymnasium
Pretty Crazy Joey Yung Concert Tour
Date City Venue Special guest(s)
5 August 2019 Hong Kong Hong Kong Coliseum Jacky Cheung
6 August 2019 Ekin Cheng
7 August 2019 Miriam Yeung
8 August 2019 JJ Lin
9 August 2019 Hacken Lee
10 August 2019 Pakho Chau
11 August 2019 Ivana Wong
12 August 2019 Jeff Chang
13 August 2019 Twins, Kenny Kwan
14 August 2019 Dear Jane
15 August 2019 Louis Koo
16 August 2019 Andy Lau
17 August 2019 Nicholas Tse
18 August 2019 Fama, Julian Cheung
20 August 2019 Grasshopper
21 August 2019 Hins Cheung
22 August 2019 Supper Moment
23 August 2019 Leo Ku
24 August 2019 Leon Lai
Joey Yung the Tour: Love In
Date City Country Venue
18 January 2020 Macau China Broadway Macau
25 January 2020 Las Vegas United States The Palazzo Ballroom at The Venetian
26 January 2020
2 February 2020 Atlantic City Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena
3 March 2020 The Hague Netherlands AFAS Circustheater
9 March 2020 London United Kingdom The London Palladium
5 November 2022 Genting Highlands Malaysia Arena of Stars
13 November 2022 Vancouver Canada Queen Elizabeth Theatre
20 November 2022 Niagara Falls OLG Stage
24 November 2022 Atlantic City United States Harrah's Atlantic City
26 November 2022 Las Vegas Encore Theater at Wynn Las Vegas
27 November 2022
3 December 2022 Reno Reno Events Center
10 March 2023 Singapore Marina Bay Sands Grand Ballroom@
Marina Bay Sands
11 March 2023

Other concerts[edit]

Date(s) English name Chinese name Shows Venue
10 June 2000 YES! Don't Miss Live Yes ! 容祖兒不容錯失音樂會 1 Hong Kong Polytechnic University Jockey Club Auditorium
29 August 2000 Joey Yung Live 2000 ~H2O+903 容祖兒
1 HKCEC Hall 3
19 November 2000 Beauty Prospective Live 2000 ~H2O+美麗在望慈善演唱會 1 Hong Kong Coliseum
26 June 2002 Music Is Live 903 id Club Concert 容祖兒903 id Club
1 HKEC Hall 3
4 April 2004 Joey Yung 'Feel the Pop' Concert Live 新城流行女皇音樂會 1 HKCEC Hall 3
18 November 2004 Joey Yung X Hacken Lee The Music Is LIVE 903 Id Club Concert 壓軸拉闊音樂會
1 HKCEC Hall 3
21 May 2005 Let Me Believe Love- Joey Yung X Jeff Chang 新城容我信愛
1 HKCEC Hall 3
12–15 May 2006 One Live One Love Concert 2006 (with Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra) 容祖兒 姚珏 莫拉維亞交響樂團音樂會 4 Hong Kong Coliseum
28 September 2006 Joey Yung X Leo Ku Juicy Lemon 加洲紅 黃金組合音樂會 容祖兒x古巨基 1 HKCEC Hall 3
26 January 2007 Safari! Safari!向祖兒狂呼音樂劇 1 HKCEC Hall 3
11 August 2007 Joey Yung x Grasshoppers Live 07年拉闊第二場 容祖兒x草蜢 1 AsiaWorld Arena
6 September 2007 Joey Yung 2007 Best of Teresa Teng Concert Live 甜蜜蜜2007邓丽君金曲交响演唱会 1 北京世纪剧院
12 November 2008 Joey Yung x Anthony Wong Live 容祖兒x黃耀明 祖戀明歌音樂會 1 AsiaWorld Arena
16 November 2009 Music Is Live Joey Yung X Eason Chan 903id club 拉闊音樂會 容祖兒X陳奕迅 1 HKCEC Hall 5BC
7 March 2010 Metro Joey the Queen Music Show 新城容祖兒我的女皇音樂會 1 AsiaWorld Arena
24 April 2010 亞洲巨星NOW翻天成都演唱會 1 成都體育中心
22 August 2010 永明金融呈獻:新城邁向20聲光綻放音樂會 1 HKCEC Hall 5BC
27–29 August 2010 香港旅遊發展局呈獻:香港夏日流行音樂節 1 Hong Kong Coliseum
18 August 2011 永明金融呈獻:新城20聲光綻放音樂會 1 HKCEC Hall 5BC
14 November 2011 Metro Joey & Joey Music Show Joey & Joey 新城容祖兒音樂會 1 HKCEC Hall 5BC
9–14 February 2012 Concert YY 騰訊微博:Concert YY 黃偉文作品展 6 Hong Kong Coliseum
11 May 2012 Music Is Live Andy Hui X Joey Yung X C AllStar 903id Club 拉闊音樂會 許志安 x C AllStar x 容祖兒 1 HKCEC Hall 5BC
21 July 2012 MOMENT Tour – Guangzhou QQ音樂MOMENT首唱會 1 廣州白雲國際會議中心
24 August 2012 MOMENT Tour – Taiwan MOMENT台灣河岸留言音樂會 1 河岸留言西門紅樓展演館
4 September 2012 新城數碼‧巨星靚聲音樂會 1 HKCEC Hall 5BC
19 September 2012 Joey Yung X Ken Hung Live in Dongguan 動感十年我的"容"耀 容祖兒、洪卓立東莞音樂會 1 東莞玉蘭大劇院
4 January 2013 ONE DAY黃韻玲作品群星演唱會 1 上海大舞台
31 March 2013 Miss You Much Leslie 繼續寵愛‧十年‧音樂會 1 Hong Kong Coliseum
11 June 2013 新城唱好女皇‧唱將音樂會 1 HKCEC Hall 5BC
26 September 2013 Joey Yung Moov Live in Guangzhou 容祖兒 摩音符 Moov Live 廣州音樂會 1 廣州星海音樂廳交響樂演奏廳


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