Appenzell Alps

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Appenzell Alps
Churfirsten group, with the Schibestoll, Zuestoll, Brisi, Frümsel and Selun (left to right)
Highest point
Elevation2,502 m (8,209 ft)
Coordinates46°38′28″N 8°25′6″E / 46.64111°N 8.41833°E / 46.64111; 8.41833Coordinates: 46°38′28″N 8°25′6″E / 46.64111°N 8.41833°E / 46.64111; 8.41833
Native nameAppenzeller Alpen  (German)
Appenzeller Alpen.png
CantonsAppenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden, St. Gallen and Zurich
Parent rangeWestern Alps
Borders onGlarus Alps, Rätikon and Schwyz Alps
Topo mapSwiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo

The Appenzell Alps (German: Appenzeller Alpen) are a mountain range in Switzerland on the northern edge of the Alps. They extend into the cantons of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden and St. Gallen and are bordered by the Glarus Alps to the west and the Rätikon to the south-east.


The range is split up into six sub-ranges:

  • Alpstein, central group, highest summit: Altmann, 2,435 m
  • Alpstein, northern group, highest summit: Säntis, 2,502 m
  • Alpstein, southern group, highest summit: Roslen- or Saxerfirst, 2,151 m
  • Alviergruppe, highest summit: Gamsberg, 2,385 m
  • Churfirsten, highest summit: Hinterrugg, 2,306 m
  • Speer - Mattstock, highest summit: Speer, 1,950 m


Principal summits[edit]

The principal summits of the Appenzell Alps are:

Other interesting summits[edit]

  • Kamor, 1,751 m
  • Tanzboden, 1,443 m
  • Chrüzegg, 1,314 m
  • Gäbris, 1,247 m
  • Hörnli, 1,133 m
  • Köbelisberg, 1,131 m
  • Bachtel, 1,115 m


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