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The Lake Line[1] (German: Seelinie), as it is referred to by the SBB in English, is the Swiss railway line running from Rorschach via Romanshorn, Kreuzlingen, Steckborn and Stein am Rhein to Schaffhausen and forms the Swiss section of the ring railway around Lake Constance.


On 15 October 1869 the section of line from Romanshorn to Rorschach was opened. Not quite two years later, on 1 July 1871, it was followed by the Romanshorn–Konstanz line. During its early years the railway belonged to the Swiss Northeastern Railway, the NOB, which was transferred in 1902 into the SBB.

In 1996, the line was taken over by Mittelthurgaubahn following a competition. They introduced half-hourly fixed-interval services and modernised both track and rolling stock. When Mittelthurgaubahn went bankrupt in 2003 the line went into the SBB subsidiary, Thurbo, which had been intended as a joint venture between the SBB and Mittelthurgaubahn.

Timetable no. 820: Schaffhausen–Romanshorn
Upper Rhine Railway from Basel, Line from ZürichBülachJestetten S 22 (Zürich)
and Rheinfall line from Winterthur S 16S 3 (Zürich)
48,7 Schaffhausenterminus S 33 404 m AMSL
Branch-off point for the line to ThayngenSingen S 16S 22
Emmersberg Tunnel761 m
Rhine Bridge at Feuerthalen262 m
46,9 Feuerthalen 409 m AMSL
45,3 Langwiesen 409 m AMSL
43,2 Schlatt 404 m AMSL
39,8 St. Katharinental
Deisslibach Bridge94 m
38,1 Diessenhofen 413 m AMSL
35,6 Schlattingen 426 m AMSL
Winterthur–Etzwilen line
Etzwilen 438 m AMSL
Goods line to Ramsen–(Singen), closed to passenger traffic
34,8 Stein am Rheinterminus S 29 413 m AMSL
36,9 Eschenz 417 m AMSL
39,8 Mammern 412 m AMSL
45,6 Steckborn 404 m AMSL
48,9 Berlingen 403 m AMSL
51,3 Mannenbach-Salenstein 399 m AMSL
54,0 Ermatingen 402 m AMSL
56,0 Triboltingen
57,8 Tägerwilen-Gottliebenformerly Tägerwilen SBB 403 m AMSL
Line from Weinfelden
60,7 Kreuzlingen 403 m AMSL
Line to Konstanz
Kreuzlingen Hafen 402 m AMSL

Kreuzlingen–Konstanz line

40,7 Kreuzlingen 403 m AMSL
Line to Kreuzlingen Hafen–Romanshorn
Swiss/German border
42,0 Konstanz 405 m ü. NN
Junction with the Upper Rhine Railway

Konstanz–Kreuzlingen Hafen line

101,3 Konstanz 398 m AMSL
German/Swiss border
Linie from Schaffhausen–Kreuzlingen
100,2 Kreuzlingen Hafen 402 m AMSL

100,2 Kreuzlingen Hafen 402 m AMSL
98,9 Kurzrickenbach Seepark
97,5 Bottighofen 405 m AMSL
96,2 MünsterlingenScherzingen 405 m AMSL
95,5 Münsterlingen Spital
94,5 Landschlacht
92,9 Altnau 409 m AMSL
90,5 Güttingen 410 m AMSL
88,1 Kesswil 405 m AMSL
86,1 Uttwil 406 m AMSL
82,1 Romanshorn 398 m AMSL
Lines to Rorschach and AmriswilWeinfeldenZürich
All halts are request stops
Timetable no. 845: Romanshorn–Rorschach
Line from Schaffhausen-Kreuzlingen
82,1 Romanshorn 398 m AMSL
Line to AmriswilWeinfeldenZürich
Bypass line from AmriswilWeinfelden
Line to RoggwilSt. Gallen
84,7 Egnach 401 m AMSL
90,2 Arbon 398 m AMSL
93,4 Horn 402 m AMSL
96,3 Rorschach Hafen 398 m AMSL
Line from St. GallenGoldach
48,7 Rorschach399 m AMSL
St. Margrethen–Rorschach line and Rorschach–Heiden railway


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