Gottlieben Castle

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Gottlieben Castle
Schloss Gottlieben 01.jpg
Gottlieben Castle
Gottlieben Castle is located in Switzerland
Gottlieben Castle
Location within Switzerland
General information
Classification Cultural Property of National Significance
Town or city Gottlieben
Country Switzerland
Coordinates 47°39′50″N 9°08′10″E / 47.664027°N 9.136021°E / 47.664027; 9.136021

Gottlieben Castle (German: Schloss Gottlieben) is a castle in the municipality of Gottlieben in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. It is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.[1]


Gottlieben village is first mentioned around the end of the 10th Century as Gotiliubon.[2] It was originally part of the land owned by the Bishop of Constance. In 1251, Eberhard von Waldburg built a castle that served as the residence of the Bishops. After the Swabian War in 1499 the episcopal chief constable managed the village and the local low court from the castle until 1798. The court included Engwilen, Siegershausen and Tägerwilen as well as Gottlieben and made up the Bishop's bailiwick of Gottlieben. In 1808 the castle became private property. In 1837 it was renovated in a neo-gothic style.[2]

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Coordinates: 47°39′50″N 9°08′10″E / 47.664027°N 9.136021°E / 47.664027; 9.136021