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Apper, a front-end for PackageKit
Original author(s) Daniel Nicoletti
Developer(s) KDE
Stable release
0.9.1[1] / 25 August 2014; 3 years ago (2014-08-25)
Development status Active
Written in C++ (KDE Platform)
Operating system Linux
Type Package management system
License GNU General Public License

Apper (originally named KPackageKit) is a free and open source Linux front-end application for the PackageKit package management service by KDE.

Apper also has one main difference compared to the old KPackageKit: Apper can list applications instead of listing only packages. This makes it much more user-friendly and allows the user to search for and install applications without the added complexity of dealing with packages and dependencies.[2] Besides installation of new applications it also allows easy removal and updates. It can be compared to the Ubuntu Software Center as well as the AppStream project.

Apper has been adopted by a few distributions such as Fedora, Debian and openSUSE 12.1.[3]


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