Argentine Air Force Mobile Field Hospital

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Argentine Air Force Mobile Field Hospital
Hospital reubicable faa logo.png
LocationGovernment of Argentina,  Argentina
Coordinates18°34′42″N 72°16′33″W / 18.57844°N 72.27593°W / 18.57844; -72.27593Coordinates: 18°34′42″N 72°16′33″W / 18.57844°N 72.27593°W / 18.57844; -72.27593
FundingGovernment hospital
OpenedAugust 21, 1981; 41 years ago (1981-08-21)

The Argentine Air Force Mobile Field Hospital (Spanish: Hospital Reubicable de la Fuerza Aérea ) is a field hospital operated by the Argentine Air Force. Established on August 21, 1981, it is one of three health centres of its kind worldwide.[1]


The unit has a 64-member staff personnel between military and civilians and is made up of 14 containers Pictorial[permanent dead link] which, when fully assembled, occupy an area of 360 m2. Fourteen flights of C-130 Hercules aircraft are needed to fully deploy the Hospital.[2]

Among the services provided by the Hospital are general clinic, surgery, dentistry, pharmacy, etc. The Hospital has its own laboratory, water purification plant and power generation engine.[2]

Thanks to its isolation, the construction can withstand temperatures from -15 to 40 degrees Celsius and can endure harsh tremors as demonstrated when it remained operational after the earthquake of January 2010 in Haiti.[1]


2010 Haiti earthquake[edit]

On January 12, 2010 while deployed at Port-au-Prince serving as medical facility for MINUSTAH troops the hospital was the only one still opened following the earthquake treating nearly 1,000 people on the first night[7][8]

Both U.S. presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton congratulated Argentina for the Hospital quick response in the first critical hours after the earthquake [9] The same did Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her visit to Buenos Aires on 1 March 2010 [10]


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