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Dr. Arnold Kim (often referred to as "Arn" online) is the owner of MacRumors, a popular Apple rumors website. He began working on MacRumors in 2000, during his final year of medical school.[1] In July 2008, he "hung up his stethoscope" and began blogging full-time.[2]

Arnold Kim opened a new website in 2008 called TouchArcade [1], dedicated for iPhone and iPod Touch gaming news and reviews. It is very popular, with over 40,000 active members. A third website run by Kim is AppShopper [2], which is dedicated to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac applications.

In 2003, Kim received a subpoena demanding the identity of an individual who had posted schematics of an upcoming Apple product to the MacRumors forums. Kim turned information about the poster over to the authorities. An Apple contract worker was subsequently charged with trade secret violations in connection with the case.[3][4]


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