Athletics at the 1948 Summer Olympics – Men's marathon

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Men's marathon
at the Games of the XIV Olympiad
Venue Start and finish at Wembley Stadium
Dates August 7
Competitors 41 from 21 nations
Winning time 2:34:51.6
Gold medal 
Silver medal 
Bronze medal 
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Athletics at the
1948 Summer Olympics
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The men's marathon event at the 1948 Summer Olympic Games took place August 7. The final was won by Delfo Cabrera. Reminiscent of Dorando Pietri's final-lap ordeal when the Olympics were held in the same city 40 years earlier, Belgian Etienne Gailly entered the London stadium in first place, but was exhausted and running very slowly. He was passed first by Cabrera, then by Briton Tom Richards, but managed to hold on for the bronze medal. South African Johannes Coleman, who finished 4th in this race, had placed 6th in the last Olympic marathon in Berlin twelve years earlier.


Rank Name Nationality Time Notes
1st, gold medalist(s) Delfo Cabrera Argentina 2:34:51.6
2nd, silver medalist(s) Tom Richards Great Britain 2:35:07.6
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Étienne Gailly Belgium 2:35:33.6
4 Johannes Coleman South Africa 2:36:06.0
5 Eusebio Guiñez Argentina 2:36:36.0
6 Syd Luyt South Africa 2:38:11.0
7 Gustav Östling Sweden 2:38:40.6
8 John Systad Norway 2:38:41.0
9 Alberto Sensini Argentina 2:39:30.0
10 Henning Larsen Denmark 2:41:22.0
11 Viljo Heino Finland 2:41:32.0
12 Anders Melin Sweden 2:42:20.0
13 Jussi Kurikkala Finland 2:42:48.0
14 Ted Vogel United States 2:45:27.0
15 Enrique Inostroza Chile 2:47:48.0
16 Lloyd Evans Canada 2:48:07.0
17 Gérard Côté Canada 2:48:31.0
18 Stylianos Kyriakides Greece 2:49:00.0
19 József Kiss Hungary 2:50:20.0
20 Şevki Koru Turkey 2:51:07.0
21 Johnny Kelley United States 2:51:56.0
22 Kaspar Schiesser Switzerland 2:52:09.0
23 Walter Fedorick Canada 2:52:12.0
24 Ollie Manninen United States 2:56:49.0
25 Hong Jong-O South Korea 2:56:54.0
26 Paddy Mulvihill Ireland 2:57:35.0
27 Suh Yun-Bok South Korea 2:59:36.0
28 Sven Håkansson Sweden 3:00:09.0
29 Jakob Jutz Switzerland 3:03:55.0
30 Stan Jones Great Britain 3:09:16.0
Salvatore Constantino Italy DNF
Pierre Cousin France DNF
Hans Frischknecht Switzerland DNF
Mikko Hietanen Finland DNF
Jack Holden Great Britain DNF
René Josset France DNF
Luo Wenao China DNF
Arsène Piesset France DNF
Athanasios Ragazos Greece DNF
Chhota Singh India DNF
Choi Yun-Chil South Korea DNF

Key: DNF = Did not finish