Awapuni, Palmerston North

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Awapuni North
Population: 3,405 (2001)
Awapuni South
Population: 3,309 (2001)
Awapuni West
Population: 1,377 (2001)
Territorial Authority
Palmerston North City

Awapuni is an area and constituent ward of Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand. It is located south west of Palmerston North Central.

Awapuni North[edit]

Awapuni North is a predominantly residential area and had a resident population of 3,405 (2001)[1].


The area contains Awapuni School and Kia Toa Sports Club rooms. College Street divides Awapuni North from Awapuni South.

Parks and Reserves[edit]

  • Awapuni Park
  • Alexander Park
  • Rugby Reserve
  • Panako Reserve
  • Raleigh Reserve

Awapuni South[edit]

Awapuni South is predominantly residential area and had a resident population of 3,309 (2001)[2] .


The area contains Riverdale School and Awapuni School and Awatapu College. College Street divides Awapuni North from Awapuni South. The suburb is bounded by the Manawatu River. Dittmer Drive (which runs the bank of the river) has a stopbank, which is the first defence if there is a chance of flooding. There are many large houses along Dittmer Drive. There are many shops at the intersection of Pitama Road and College Street. Also present nearby is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Parks and Reserves[edit]

  • Riverdale Park
  • Waitoetoe Park
  • Paneiri Park
  • Dittmer Drive Reserve - located by the river, a stopbank and walking track.

Awapuni West[edit]

Awapuni West is a rural and residential area. Awapuni West had a resident population of 1,377 (2001) [3].


The main feature of Awapuni West is the Awapuni Racecourse. Maxwells Line divides Awapuni West from Awapuni North and Awapuni South. Other features of Awapuni West include the local iwi (Ngaati Rangitaane) managed health and well being centre, Whakapai Hauora and the Awapuni Landfill. Awapuni West is the site of the ancient Awapuni Lagoon, upon which the racecourse is now situated. The Mangaone Stream almost separates the urban from the rural lifestyle blocks.

Parks and Reserves[edit]

  • Awapuni Racecourse
  • Rangitaane Park
  • Mangaone Park
  • Otira Park
  • Totaranui Park
  • Pioneer Reserve

Local and Central Government representation[edit]

Awapuni Ward[edit]

Awapuni Ward is in the SW of Palmerston North City. The suburbs of Awapuni West, Awapuni North, Awapuni South, West End and part of Palmerston North Central make up the ward. The boundaries are usually understood to be Shiriffs Road and Longburn-Rongotea Road in the W; Fitzherbert Ave in the E; Pioneer Highway and Main Street W in the N and Manawatu River in the S.

Wards of Palmerston North
Ward Name Suburbs including Councillor(s)
Awapuni Ward Awapuni West, Awapuni North, Awapuni South, West End, SW part of Palmerston North Central Three - Cr Adrian Broad, Cr Peter Claridge, Cr Pat Kelly

Central Government[edit]



  • Te Tai Hauāuru is represented by Māori Party MP Tariana Turia

Coordinates: 40°22′45″S 175°35′04″E / 40.3791°S 175.5844°E / -40.3791; 175.5844