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Coat of arms of Radhanpur State, one of the princely states ruled by the Babi dynasty.

The Babi dynasty or Babis or Babais are a community (Pashtun Tribe) in the Indian Subcontinent, originally of Pashtun descent, now residing in India, largely. The community traces its origins to the dynasty founded in 1654 by Sherkhanji Babi (ruled 1654–1690).[1] The last Nawab of Junagadh left India after the Partition in 1947.

They entered India from Khorasan under the leadership of Usman Khan, a follower of Mughal emperor Humayun. Bahadur Khanji Babi, son of Usman Khan, migrated to India and entered service under the Mughals. The hereditary title (Tribe) of Babi was conferred to him in 1554 from Emperor Humayun, for "services against the Rana of Chittor". Sherkhanji Babi, founder of the Babi dynasty in 1654, arrived in Kathiawar in the train of Prince Murad Baksh, the Imperial Viceroy and son of Shah Jahan.[2]


Babi Tribe is a Pashtun tribe which originates from Afghanistan and western regions of Pakistan. Babi or Babai (Pashtun tribe) is son of Ghorghasht or Gharghashti.[3] Babi Pathans claim to have arrived in Gujarat during the rule of Shah Jahan. After the collapse of the Mughal Empire, the Babis were involved in a struggle with the Gaekwad dynasty of the Maratha Empire for control of Gujarat. While the Marathas were successful in establishing control over all of Gujarat, the Babis retained sovereignty of the princely states of Junagadh, Radhanpur, Balasinor and Manavadar,.

Babi descendants are found throughout north Gujarat and Saurashtra. Iconic Bollywood actress Parveen Babi was of Babi lineage, but most contemporary Babis, barring those belonging to princely lineages, are in modest circumstances. Many are petty landowners, but there is marked urbanization among the Babi as well. Though the Babis observe a tradition of endogamy, but there are cases of marriages with the Chauhan and Behlim communities, and they accept daughters from the Shaikhs and Sunni Bohras.[4]

Members of this dynasty ruled over the princely states of Junagadh, Radhanpur and Balasinor, as well as the small states of Bantva Manavadar and Sardargarh.

Notable people[edit]

  • Parveen Babi, Hindi film actress.
  • Nawab Muhammad Dilawar Khanji: 14th Governor of Sindh, Pakistan.
  • Nawab Mohammad Jehangir Khanji: Advisor to Chief Minister, Sindh.
  • Ruswa Majhalumi, Gujarati Ghazal poet

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