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This article is about the racing circuit used by Formula One. For the circuit used by the FIA GT and Blancpain Sprint Series, see Baku World Challenge.
Baku City Circuit
Formula1 Circuit Baku.svg
Location Azadliq Square, Baku, Azerbaijan
Time zone GMT+4 (standard) /+4 (DST)
Coordinates 40°22′21″N 49°51′12″E / 40.37250°N 49.85333°E / 40.37250; 49.85333Coordinates: 40°22′21″N 49°51′12″E / 40.37250°N 49.85333°E / 40.37250; 49.85333
FIA Grade 1
Architect Hermann Tilke
Major events FIA Formula One
Baku European Grand Prix (from 2016)
Grand Prix circuit
Length 6.006 km (3.732 mi)
Turns 20

The Baku City Circuit[1] is a planned motor racing circuit in Baku, Azerbaijan to be constructed near Baku Boulevard.[2] It is scheduled to host the Baku European Grand Prix from 2016.



In December 2013, Formula One President and CEO Bernie Ecclestone suggested that the race would be run in 2016 but later said that because the Korean Grand Prix organisers were in breach of contract, it would be moved to 2015.[3][4][5] However, in July 2014 it was announced that the race's debut would be delayed until 2016.[6]


The layout of the planned circuit in the city of Baku

The six kilometre, anti-clockwise layout of the circuit was designed by circuit architect Hermann Tilke.[7] The circuit is planned to start adjacent to Azadliq Square, then loop around Government House before heading west to Maiden Tower. Here, the track is planned to have a narrow uphill traversal and then circle the Old City before opening up onto a 2.2 km (1.4 mi) stretch along Neftchilar Avenue back to the start line.[6][8]

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