Ballynahatty, County Down

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Countryside at Ballynahatty

Ballynahatty (from Irish Baile na hÁite Tí 'townland of the house site')[1] is a townland in County Down, Northern Ireland. It lies on the southern edge of Belfast. It contains the Giants Ring, a henge monument.[2]

The remains of a woman who was part of a Neolithic farming community were discovered buried in the henge in 1855. Now known as Ballynahatty woman, her genome was sequenced in 2015 and reveals a woman with black hair and brown eyes typical of those with Mediterranean heritage. This implies that Ballynahatty woman was part of a group of Early European Farmers (EEFs) that migrated across Europe in the Neolithic period, originating in the Middle East.

Ballynahatty is also the name of a townland, in the parish of Drumragh, County Tyrone.


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Coordinates: 54°32′32″N 5°57′24″W / 54.54222°N 5.95667°W / 54.54222; -5.95667