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Barmet Bay is a fictional bay in Bayport, the setting for most of the Hardy Boys novels. While research links it to the actual town of Bayport, New York, the original Hardy Boys series never specifies the exact location.

Barmet Bay (according to The Shore Road Mystery, While the Clock Ticked, and other older titles) is horseshoe-shaped, and stretches about three miles from its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean to its shores along the fictional town of Bayport. Black rocks line its narrow opening. A channel is marked by buoys, warning ships away from dangerous rocks just beneath the surface. The waters are mostly calm. In wintertime portions of the bay freeze over sufficiently to allow ice boating.

In the original series, smuggling (opium and silk, for example in The House on the Cliff) is one of the most common crimes that the Hardy Boys combat, and many stories involve explorations and chase scenes around Barmet Bay and its environs.

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