Battle of Uedahara

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Battle of Uedahara
Part of the Sengoku period
DateFebruary 14, 1548
LocationUedahara, Shinano Province
Result Murakami victory
forces of Takeda Shingen forces of Murakami Yoshikiyo
Commanders and leaders
Takeda Shingen
Itagaki Nobukata 
Amari Torayasu 
Hajikano Den'emon 
Murakami Yoshikiyo
7000 3000
Casualties and losses
700 men
Amari Torayasu
Itagaki Nobukata
Hajikano Den'emon

The Battle of Uedahara (上田原の戦い) was the first defeat suffered by Takeda Shingen, and the first field battle in Japan in which firearms were used.

Takeda Shingen met up with his force that had taken Shika castle, and led 7000 men north to face the threat posed by Murakami Yoshikiyo. Shingen's vanguard was led by Itagaki Nobukata; when they charged head-on into Murakami's vanguard, the charge was absorbed, and Itagaki was killed.

Murakami made use of 50 ashigaru armed with Japanese "hand cannon" arquebuses, who were meant to serve as support for archers. 700 of Takeda's men were killed, including Itagaki, and two other generals, Amari Torayasu and Hajikano Den'emon. Shingen himself even suffered a spear wound to his side.


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