Siege of Iwamura Castle

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Siege of Iwamura
Part of the Sengoku period
Date 1572
Location Iwamura Castle, Mino province, Japan
Result Castle falls; Akiyama victory
forces of Takeda Shingen Iwamura castle garrison
Commanders and leaders
Akiyama Nobutomo Tōyama Kagetō

The siege of Iwamura was a military event which occurred in 1572 in Japan, concurrent with Takeda Shingen's push into Tōtōmi Province and the Battle of Mikatagahara. Akiyama Nobutomo, one of Shingen's "Twenty-Four Generals," set his eye on the great yamashiro (mountain castle) of Iwamura when Tōyama Kagetō, the commander of the castle's garrison, fell ill and died.[1]

Akiyama negotiated the castle's surrender with Tōyama's widow, Lady Otsuya, and took it without any bloodshed. The official keeper of the castle, a seven-year-old lord called Gobōmaru, was taken to the Takeda home province of Kai as a hostage. In accordance with the surrender treaty, Lady Otsuya, who was the aunt of Oda Nobunaga, married Akiyama and she remained the lady of the castle.


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