Siege of Hanazawa

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Siege of Hanazawa
Part of the Sengoku period
Result Takeda victory
Hanazawa falls to the Takeda
Takeda clan forces Imagawa clan forces
Commanders and leaders
Takeda Shingen, Nagasaka Tsuruyasu, Hajikano Saemon Ōhara Sukenaga

The 1570 siege of Hanazawa was one of several battles fought between the Takeda and Imagawa clans during the Takeda's campaign to seize Suruga province, during Japan's Sengoku period.

Hanazawa castle was under the command of Imagawa general Ōhara Sukenaga. Nagasaka Tsuruyasu, Hajikano Saemon and Takeda Shingen himself led the siege, which was successful in taking the castle after four days.


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