Siege of Kannomine

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Siege of Kannomine
Part of the Sengoku period
Date 1554
Location Kannomine, Shinano province, Japan
Result Takeda victory
Kannomine falls to the Takeda
Forces of Takeda Shingen Kannomine castle garrison
Commanders and leaders
Takeda Shingen Chiku Yoritomo
6000 1900

The 1554 siege of Kannomine was one of many battles fought in Takeda Shingen's campaign to seize control of Shinano province. This took place during Japan's Sengoku period; Shingen was one of many feudal lords (daimyo) who battled to gain land and power.

Kannomine was located in the Ina valley in Japan's Shinano province; it was commanded by Chiku Yoritomo, and was taken just prior to the sieges of Matsuo and Yoshioka.


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