Siege of Takatenjin (1581)

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Second Siege of Takatenjin
Part of the Sengoku period
Date1580 - March 22, 1581
Takatenjin fortress, Tōtōmi Province, Japan
Result Siege succeeds; Oda victory
Fortress falls to Oda Nobunaga
forces loyal to Takeda Katsuyori forces loyal to Oda Nobunaga
Commanders and leaders
Okabe Naganori Tokugawa Ieyasu
1000 5000
Casualties and losses
680 killed

The second siege of Takatenjin came only six years after Takeda Katsuyori took the fortress.

This second siege lasted from 1580 until 22 March 1581, and ended with deaths of 680 of Okabe Naganori's garrison.[1]

This was quite an advantageous event for Oda Nobunaga, as it weakened his enemies; the battle of Temmokuzan the following year would come to be known as Takeda Katsuyori's last stand. Nounaga sent Mori Nagahide to capture his fortress and the siege ended within four months.


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