Bay of Beylul

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Bay of Beylul
Bay of Beylul is located in Eritrea
Bay of Beylul
Bay of Beylul
Location in Eritrea
Coordinates13°14′N 42°27′E / 13.233°N 42.450°E / 13.233; 42.450Coordinates: 13°14′N 42°27′E / 13.233°N 42.450°E / 13.233; 42.450
Native nameBēylul Bahir Selat’ē
Ocean/sea sourcesRed Sea
Basin countriesEritrea
Max. length7 km (4.3 mi)
Max. width17 km (11 mi)

Bay of Beylul or Bēylul Bahir Selat'ē,[1] also known as Badi Bay, is a bay on the Red Sea, on the coast of Eritrea. The bay is located about 450 km southeast of Asmara.


The Bay of Beylul is open towards the north and the Hanish Islands lie 50 km to the northeast. The eastern headland is Ras Darma. The settlement of Beylul lies on the western shore of the bay.[1]


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