Gulf of Zula

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The Gulf of Zula and Buri Peninsula.
Photograph taken by 10th Field Company Royal Engineers during the British Expedition to Abyssinia.

The Gulf of Zula, also known in various accounts as Annesley Bay, the Bay of Arafali (or Baia di Arafali), or the Gulf of Arafali, is a body of water on the Eritrean coastline on the Red Sea, located at 15°10′N 39°46′E / 15.167°N 39.767°E / 15.167; 39.767Coordinates: 15°10′N 39°46′E / 15.167°N 39.767°E / 15.167; 39.767.

The Gulf lies near the midpoint of the Eritrean coast, between the Foro province and the Buri Peninsula of the Ghelae'lo province, both in the country's Northern Red Sea region. It also marks the territorial division between the Saho people and the Afar people.

The egyptologist Henry Salt identified the site as the ancient Adulis.[1]


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