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Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg
Deutsche Bahn S-Bahn-Logo.svg
Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg station S-Bahn platform tracks 2-3.jpg
View of the platform tracks 2-3
Location Melli-Besse-Ring, 12259 Schönefeld
Schönefeld, Brandenburg
Coordinates 52°21′52.81″N 13°30′38.88″E / 52.3646694°N 13.5108000°E / 52.3646694; 13.5108000Coordinates: 52°21′52.81″N 13°30′38.88″E / 52.3646694°N 13.5108000°E / 52.3646694; 13.5108000
Platforms 6 (2 S-Bahn, 4 Regional/long distance)
Connections VBB Bahn-Regionalverkehr.svg Berlin S45.svg Berlin S9.svg BUS-Logo-BVG.svg
Other information
Station code N/A
DS100 code BFBI / BFBB
Category 2[1]

Berlin Brandenburg Airport (German: Bahnhof Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg) is a future railway station located under the terminal of Berlin Brandenburg Airport, Germany. The train services will be operated by Deutsche Bahn.


The station is located in a 3.1 km long tunnel, on a branch of the Berlin Ringbahn, in the municipal territory of Schönefeld, just outside Berlin. It will replace Schönefeld as the airport station after the merging of Berlin Schönefeld Airport into the new airport.


Due to delays in the construction of the airport it is not yet known when the airport will open, in 2014 this was announced as possibly in 2016.[2] In 2016 a new estimate for the opening of the airport and station was made for 2018 or 2019, at the latest.[3]

The station will be served by Berlin S-Bahn, Regional-Express, InterCity and Intercity-Express services. The station lies directly under the airport terminal and has six platforms. Two of these are terminating platforms for the S-Bahn lines S45 and S9.[4]

Construction of the station began in 2007 and the construction of the tunnels was completed on 25 June 2009. The station was handed over to Deutsche Bahn on 30 March 2010 and has been electrified since 7 June 2011.[5][6]

The public clients agreed to pay a fixed price of 285 million euros, although the actual construction cost was well below that number.[7]

The Airport will be connected with Berlin Hauptbahnhof (Berlin main station) by the RE 9 Airport Express, with a journey time of 29 minutes.

While the airport is not in operation, empty trains are running through the tunnels to drive out humidity.[8]

Train services[edit]

Map of services to Berlin Brandenburg Airport

The station will be served by the following service(s):[4][9]

  • Regional services RE 7 Dessau – Bad Belzig – Michendorf – Berlin – Berlin Brandenburg Airport – Wünsdorf-Waldstadt
  • Regional services RE 9 Berlin - Berlin Brandeburg Airport
  • Local services RB 14 Nauen – Falkensee – Berlin – Berlin Brandenburg Airport – Königs Wusterhausen – Senftenberg
  • Local services RB 22 Potsdam – Golm – Saarmund – Berlin Brandenburg Airport
  • S-Bahn services S45 Berlin Brandenburg Airport - Schönweide - Neukölln - Südkreuz
  • S-Bahn services S9 Berlin Brandenburg Airport - Schönweide – Ostbahnhof – Alexanderplatz – Hauptbahnhof – Westkreuz – Spandau

A limited number of long distance and international services will also call at the station:

  • Intercity Express services Hanover - Berlin - Berlin Brandenburg Airport
  • Intercity services Amsterdam - Amersfoort - Hengelo - Osnabrück - Hanover - Berlin - Berlin Brandenburg Airport
  • Intercity services Münster - Osnabrück - Hanover - Berlin - Berlin Brandenburg Airport
Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
Intercity (DB) 140 Terminus
toward Dessau Hbf
toward Berlin Hbf
RE Terminus
toward Nauen
toward Senftenberg
toward Potsdam Hbf
RB Terminus
Preceding station   Berlin S-Bahn   Following station
toward Südkreuz
S 45 Terminus
toward Spandau
S 9 Terminus


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