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Stained glass St Bernard MNMA Cl3273.jpg
Pronunciation /bɜːrnɑːrd/(US)
/bɛərnəd/, /bɛərnɑːrd/ (UK, the latter esp. Scotland)
French: [bɛʁ.naʁ]
Dutch: [ˈbɛrnɑrt]
Gender masculine
Word/name West Germanic
Region of origin medieval Europe
Other names
Related names Bernie, Barnard, Bernardas, Bearnárd, Bernardo, Beñat, Bernhard, Bernhardt, Bernd, Bernadette, Berend

Bernard (Bernhard) is a West Germanic masculine given name.[1]

The name is attested from at least the 9th century. West Germanic Berhard is composed from the two elements bern "bear" and hard "brave, hardy".[2] Its native Old English reflex was Beornheard, which was replaced by the Old French form Bernard after the Norman conquest. The name Bernhard was notably popular among Old Frisian speakers.[3] Its wider use was popularized due to Saint Bernhard of Clairvaux (canonized 1174).

List of people with the name[edit]

The following people and items share the name Bernard.

Given name[edit]



Fictional characters[edit]

given name
  • Andy Bernard, character on the United States television series The Office

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