Black Crater

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Black Crater
Black Crater, Oregon.jpg
The mountain seen from the Dee Wright Observatory
Highest point
Elevation7,257 ft (2,212 m)  NAVD 88[1]
Prominence1,411 ft (430 m) [2]
Coordinates44°15′58″N 121°44′55″W / 44.265998142°N 121.748565361°W / 44.265998142; -121.748565361Coordinates: 44°15′58″N 121°44′55″W / 44.265998142°N 121.748565361°W / 44.265998142; -121.748565361[1]
LocationDeschutes County, Oregon, U.S.
Parent rangeCascade Range
Topo mapUSGS Black Crater
Age of rockLate Pleistocene[3]
Mountain typeShield volcano
Volcanic arcCascade Volcanic Arc
Easiest routeTrail

Black Crater is a steep-sided shield volcano in the Cascade Range of central Oregon, located north of the Three Sisters and east of McKenzie Pass. Ice Age glaciers carved a large cirque into the northern flank of the mountain, and snow often lingers in its shady depths until late summer. A United States Forest Service fire lookout tower was built on the summit in 1925, but was eventually destroyed and only remnants of the foundation remain today. A 3.7-mile (6.0 km) trail heads for the summit from the northwest on Oregon Route 242, eventually wrapping onto the northeast side for the upper part of the ascent.[4]


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