Bomberman (Nintendo DS)

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North American cover art
  • JP: Hudson Soft
Director(s)Hideki Yayama
Takeshi Murata
Producer(s)Hiromi Tomisawa
Composer(s)Morihiro Iwamoto
Platform(s)Nintendo DS
  • JP: May 19, 2005
  • NA: June 21, 2005
  • PAL: July 1, 2005
Genre(s)Action, Puzzle
Mode(s)Single player, multiplayer

Bomberman (ボンバーマン, Bonbāman) is a video game for the Nintendo DS in which the player takes the role of a Bomberman, featuring wireless multiplayer for up to eight with a single cartridge. This game is notable for introducing into the conventional Bomberman formula a chibi style redesign to the characters, previously seen only in Bomberman Land games, ditched shortly thereafter in favor of the conventional design for Bomberman Land Touch! and all following games so far.


The single player story mode plays much like the original Bomberman. There are 10 levels with 10 stages each, a bonus stage after the 5th stage, and a boss battle for the 10th stage. A new mechanic is the item screen. All items collected are added to a stock. Using the touch screen, you can use the items to power Bomberman up; thus, if you die, you can restart at full power instead of with no power.

The multiplayer mode uses the touch screen to expand the playing area, with tunnels connecting the two screens. some arenas make use of the microphone to do certain things like setting off remote bombs and using the shield. The revenge bomb setting adds a whole new level to multiplayer gameplay by allowing a player to throw bombs after they are eliminated from the game by flicking them off the touch screen with the stylus. If Super Revenge mode is activated, if a player blows up another player using a flicked Revenge bomb, the player respawns where their opponent fell.

Bomberman is one of many games on the Nintendo DS which allows a player without a copy of the game to participate. Players are able to temporarily download a full copy of the multiplayer game from someone who has the game.


Aggregate scores
Review scores
Game Informer6/10
GamePro4/5 stars
GameSpy4/5 stars
Nintendo Power7/10
Nintendo World Report8/10

The game received favourable reviews from critics.

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