Brasilsat B1

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Brasilsat B1
Mission type Telecommunications
Operator Embratel
COSPAR ID 1994-049A
SATCAT № 23199
Mission duration 12 years
Spacecraft properties
Bus HS-376
Manufacturer Hughes
Launch mass 1,760 kilograms (3,880 lb)
Power 1,650 watts
Start of mission
Launch date August 10, 1994 (1994-08-10) at 23:05:00 UTC
Rocket Ariane 44 LP V66
Launch site Kourou ELA-2
Contractor Arianespace
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Geostationary
Longitude (first position): 70° West
(current position): 68° West[when?]
Perigee 36,044.8 kilometres (22,397.2 mi)
Apogee 36,118.9 kilometres (22,443.2 mi)
Inclination 5.7 degrees[citation needed]
Period 1,450 minutes
Frequency 3625 - 4200 MHz

Brasilsat B1 is a Brazilian communications satellite launched on August 10, 1994, by an Ariane rocket model 44L at Guiana Space Centre which is located in Kourou, French Guiana.


It was constructed by the United States and Brazil and is classified as a second generation satellite. It is larger and more powerful than the previous generation of satellites.

The Boeing Company contracted the acquisition of three satellites from Hughes Electronics Corporation. As part of the contract, Hughes would divide the work with Promon Engenharia SA of São Paulo. Brasilsat B1 and B2 were tested by the Institute of Space Research - INPE of São José dos Campos, Brasilsat B3 and B4 were tested in the Hughes laboratories.

The contract also included renovation of sensor equipment and telemetry, provided by Guaratiba Center for Satellite Signaling, located in Rio de Janeiro, as well as automation and installation of security equipment in the Tanguá Control Station.

Current status[edit]

In March 2007, Brasilsat B1 was moved from its former orbital position at 70.0°W to 68.0°W and replaced by Brasilsat B4. On June 2, 2008 Brasilsat B4 was moved from its new position to 84.0°W and replaced at 70.0°W by Star One C2. Brasilsat B3 is currently at 75.0°W.

Of the four Brasilsat satellites, only B3 and B4 are currently transmitting signals.[when?]

Main Characteristics[edit]

  • Original Orbital Position: 70.0° W
  • Current Orbital Position: 68.0°W (Inactive)
  • Coverage: Brazil
  • Transponders: 28 C-Band
  • Downlink Frequencies: 5850 – 6425 MHz
  • Uplink Frequency: 3625 – 4200 MHz
  • Launch Date: August 10, 1994
  • Model: Hughes HS 376 W
  • Launch location/vehicle: Arianespace / Ariane 44 LP
  • Planned Life of satellite: 12 years

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