Bulgarian Olympic Committee

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Bulgarian Olympic Committee
Bulgarian Olympic Committee logo
Bulgarian Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region  Bulgaria
Code BUL
Created 1923
Recognized 1924
Headquarters Sofia, Bulgaria
President Stefka Kostadinova
Secretary General Belcho Goranov
Website www.bgolympic.org

The Bulgarian Olympic Committee (Bulgarian: Български олимпийски комитет, Balgarski olimpiyski komitet; abbreviated as БОК, BOC) is a non-profit organization serving as the National Olympic Committee of Bulgaria and a part of the International Olympic Committee. It was formed on 30 March 1923 (with Bulgaria participating in the Olympic Games since the first modern Olympiad in 1896) and disbanded between September 1944 and 1952, since when it has continuously represented the country in the Olympic movement.


For the first modern Olympics 1896 first athletes was Bulgarian gymnasts Panayot Belev, Iliya Penchev, Dimitar Iliev and Charles Champaud. The head of the delegation was Todor Yonchev. Only Charles Champaud competed in the Olympics in 3 disciplines of gymnastics.

On 30 March 1923, at the initiative of the Ministry of War, the Bulgarian Olympic Committee was organized. Eftim Kitanchev was elected chairman. The goal of the BOC is to organize the contestants for participation in the Olympics in Paris in 1924. Four athletes, seven cyclists and two athletes, as well as the national football team, are leaving Bulgaria. General Vladimir Stoichev ranked 11th in horseback riding of 99 participants.

In 1929 Velizar Lazarov was appointed chairman of the BOC, which was the base of the first Balkanistan in Sofia in 1931.

After 9 September, 1944 the property of BOC was taken away and the organization was disbanded. In 1951 the BOC was restored and a gene was elected as chairman. Vladimir Stoychev. The first Olympic medal in Bulgaria won in 1952 Olympic Games in Helsinki - the bronze medal of boxer Boris Georgiev - Mokata. The first Olympic gold medal was won by Nicholas Stanchev in free wrestling in Olympic Games 1956 in Melbourne. In Australia, three more silver medals are won: Dimitar Dobrev and Petko Sirakov in classical struggle and Yusein Mehmedov in freestyle wrestling and a bronze medal for the national football team .

The Bulgarian Olympic participants have a total of 51 gold, 85 silver and 77 bronze medals. Bulgarian best performance at the Olympics was in 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow, where the country ranks 3rd in the medals with 8 gold, 16 silver and 17 bronze medals. In 2005, a scandal broke out with the chairman of BOC Ivan Slavkov, who was accused of bribery. On 7 July, 2005, he was removed from the chair of the BOC and from his IOC membership. Since 11 November, 2005, BOC President has been the Olympic champion of Atlanta in 1996. Stefka Kostadinova.

List of presidents[edit]

President Term
Eftim Kitanchev 1923–1925
Dimitar Stanchov 1925–1929
Velizar Lozanov 1929–1941
Rashko Atanasov 1941–1944
Vladimir Stoychev 1959–1982
Ivan Slavkov 1982–2005
Stefka Kostadinova 2005-present

IOC Members[edit]

President Term
Dimitar Tsokov 1906-1912
Dimitar Stanchov 1913-1929
Stefan Chaprashikov 1929-1944
Vladimir Stoychev 1952-1987
Ivan Slavkov 1987-2005

Member federations[edit]

The Bulgarian National Federations are the organizations that coordinate all aspects of their individual sports. They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports. There are currently 29 Olympic Summer and 7 Winter Sport Federations in Bulgaria.

National Federation Summer or Winter Headquarters
Bulgarian Archery Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Athletic Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Badminton Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Basketball Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Biathlon Federation Winter Sofia
Bulgarian Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation Winter Sofia
Bulgarian Boxing Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Canoe Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Curling Federation Winter Sofia
Bulgarian Cycling Association Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Equestrian Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgatian Fencing Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Football Union Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Golf Association Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Handball Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Hockey Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Ice Hockey Federation Winter Sofia
Bulgarian Judo Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Luge Federation Winter Sofia
Bulgarian Modern Pentathlon Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Rowing Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Rugby Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Sailing Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Shooting Union Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Skating Federation Winter Sofia
Bulgarian Ski Federation Winter Sofia
Bulgarian Swimming Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Table Tennis Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Taekwondo Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Tennis Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Trampoline Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Triathlon Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Volleyball Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Water Polo Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Weightlifting Federation Summer Sofia
Bulgarian Wrestling Federation Summer Sofia

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