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Armenian Olympic Committee
Armenian Olympic Committee logo
Country/Region Armenia
HeadquartersYerevan, Armenia
PresidentGagik Tsarukyan
Secretary GeneralHrachya Rostomyan

The Armenian Olympic Committee (Armenian: Հայաստանի ազգային օլիմպիական կոմիտե) (ARMNOC) is responsible for the Armenia's participation in the Olympic Games.

It is headquartered in Yerevan.


The Armenian Olympic Committee was founded in 1990. The committee became a member of the IOC in 1993 and is also a member of the EOC as well as other international sports organizations.[1]

List of presidents[edit]

President Term
Ruben Hakobyan 1990–1993
Aleksan Avetisyan 1993–1994
Benur Pashyan 1999–2000
Ishkhan Zakaryan 2000–2005
Gagik Tsarukyan 2005–present

Executive committee[edit]

The committee of the ARMNOC is represented by:[2]

Member federations[edit]

The Armenian National Federations are the organizations that coordinate all aspects of their individual sports. They are responsible for training, competition and development of their sports. There are currently 20 Olympic Summer and three Winter Sport Federations and four Non-Olympic Sports Federations in Armenia.[3]

Olympic Sport federations[edit]

National Federation Summer or Winter Headquarters
Armenian Archery Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Athletic Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Badminton Federation Summer Yerevan
Basketball Federation of Armenia Summer Yerevan
Armenian Biathlon Federation Winter Yerevan
Armenian Boxing Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Canoieng Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Cycling Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Diving Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Equestrian Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Fencing Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Figure Skating Federation Winter Yerevan
Football Federation of Armenia Summer Yerevan
Armenian Gymnastics Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Handball Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Judo Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Karate Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Modern Pentathlon Federation Summer Yerevan
Rugby Federation of Armenia Summer Yerevan
Armenian Sailing Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Shooting Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Ski Federation Winter Yerevan
Armenian Swimming Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Synchronized Swimming Federation Summer Yerevan
Table Tennis Federation of Armenia Summer Yerevan
Armenian Taekwondo Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Tennis Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Triathlon Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Volleyball Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Water Polo Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Weightlifting Federation Summer Yerevan
Armenian Wrestling Association Summer Yerevan

Non-Olympic Sport federations[edit]

National Federation Headquarters
Armenian Chess Federation Yerevan
Armenian Martial Arts Federation Yerevan
Armenian Sambo Federation Yerevan
Armenian Traditional Ushu Federation Yerevan

Olympavan training complex[edit]

Former offices of the Armenian Olympic Committee in Yerevan
Olympavan, the headquarters of the Armenian Olympic Committee, Yerevan

Olympavan is the official training centre of the Armenian Olympic Committee, located in the Davtashen District of the capital Yerevan. Following a 2-year period of construction process between 2013 and 2015, the Olympavan was officially opened on 29 September 2015, on the oocassion of the 25th anniversary of the Armenian Olympic Committee. The ceremony was attended by then-Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, businessman Samvel Karapetyan, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, Gagik Tsarukyan, as well as delegates of 25 different national Olympic committees.

The complex occupies an area of 10,000 m2 and consists of 5 buildings.[4] Building 1 is the administrative centre of the Armenian Olympic Committee, home to the administrative offices, meeting rooms and conference halls.

The first floor of building 2 is home to the weightlifting training hall, the anti-doping clinic, the centre's spa, and the fitness and bodybuilding gymnasium. The 2nd floor is home to the judo, boxing and wrestling training halls.

Building 3 is home to the hotel of the complex designated to accommodate more than 300 athletes with 121 guestrooms, restaurants and other services.

Building 4 is home to an indoor arena with 250 seats, used for basketball, volleyball, handball and futsal.

Building 5 is home to the indoor swimming pool with its diving facilities. It was officially opened on 27 September 2017 by Sheikh Ahmed Al-Fahad Al-Sabah and Gagik Tsarukyan.

The president of the International Olympic Committee Mr. Thomas Bach visited the centre during the final phases of the construction process in 2014.[5]

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