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The Cabinet of Uruguay is composed of thirteen cabinet ministers. Each is appointed by the President of Uruguay, and serves as the head of a particular executive department.[1][2]

Members of the Council of Ministers[edit]

Portfolio Minister
President of the Republic Tabaré Vázquez
Minister of Foreign Affairs Rodolfo Nin Novoa
Minister of the Interior Eduardo Bonomi
Minister of Education and Culture María Julia Muñoz
Minister of National Defense Jorge Menendez
Minister of Economy and Finances Danilo Astori
Minister of Social Development Marina Arismendi
Minister of Stockbreeding, Agriculture and Fishing Tabaré Aguerre
Minister of Public Health Jorge Basso
Minister of Labour and Social Security Ernesto Murro
Minister of Transport and Public Works Víctor Rossi
Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Carolina Cosse
Minister of Tourism and Sport Liliam Kechichian
Minister of Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment Eneida de León


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