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Carlos is a masculine given name, the Portuguese, Spanish, and Tagalog variant of the English name Charles, from the Germanic Karl.

Notable people with the name include:


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People in music[edit]

  • Carlos Chávez (1899–1978), Mexican composer, conductor, and educator
  • Carlos Alomar (born 1951), American guitarist, composer and arranger
  • Carlos Gardel (1890–1935), prominent figure in the history of tango music
  • Carlos Montoya (1903–1993), prominent flamenco guitarist
  • Carlos Santana (born 1947), Mexican musician, leader of the band Santana
  • Carlos Vives (born 1961), Colombian singer
  • Carlos Pena Jr. (born 1989,) American singer, dancer and actor
  • Carlos Cavazo, guitarist in Quiet Riot
  • Carlos Ponce (born 1972), Puerto Rican actor, singer, composer and television personality
  • Carlos Ward (born 1940), jazz alto saxophonist and flautist
  • Carlos Dengler (born 1974), American actor, bassist, and founding member of the band Interpol

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